Deadlift, squat, press, WOD

Monday, March 10 (morning), deadlifted up to 215 x 5. Monday night: karate.

Tuesday, March 11 (afternoon), back squat up to 175 x 3, 5, 5. After deadlifting the previous day, my low back was sore and I felt stiff and very cautious, even though I was warmed up. That’s why I stopped after 3 on what was supposed to be the first set of 5. I rested and when I went back, it felt a lot more solid.
(Afternoon) WOD: 5 rounds for time of
12 front squats
Run 250m
12 kettlebell snatch 12 kg
Time: 12:56
As always from WODs with running, I was very tired for about 50 minutes afterward. I was tired from the squats and previous deadlifts until Thursday. On Wednesday I was in the gym 8 hours but wasn’t particularly active.

Thursday, March 13 (late morning): shoulder press 1 rep max test. 33 x 2 x 5, 55 x 5, 75 x 3, 85 x 1, 90 x 1, 92 x 1, 93 x 1, 94 (missed), 94 x 1, 95 x 1. Time was up; Kyle’s noon class was about to start. This 95 matched my PR from March 2008. It went up veeeerrrrry slowly. This is 71 percent of my weight. I rested a lot in between attempts, did 1 push-up, waited about 20 seconds, and then attempted my next lift.

Today, Friday March 14: bike ride 90 minutes around Beacon Hill. I saw five bald eagles in the sky at once, hovering on and off against the wind as if they were kites someone was flying. Tonight Dana is treating me to a ballet performance on an extra ticket he has. I feel so privileged.

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I’ve been so susceptible to anxiety lately — possibly I made a habit of overreacting to stress. I’m trying to remember and influence my own thinking: Just because several bad things have happened, doesn’t mean you can’t possibly be in a good mood. Of the several bad things, not all are as bad as each other. Potential financial setbacks, potential upheaval of things I’d like to be solid, being forced to take responsibility for things that I could not have prevented: None of these are life or health threatening, except to the extent the stress gets to me.