Karate, squats, bench

Sunday I came to the gym in the afternoon to practice karate basics and my one kata that I’ll be tested on tonight. I spent an hour on that. I practiced the other kata I’ve been learning also. I don’t know why I like those so much. Footwork, positioning, arm movements that have “meaning” in the context of choreographed sparring (without the sparring)… of course CrossFit is all about movement, but karate is more formal and divides up the body or muscle groups differently, it seems to me.

After that I decided to try a challenge Kyle had mentioned after he discovered this video of four guys seeing how many times they could squat their body weight in five minutes. The best guy (the O-lifter) got 73, I think, and the lowest scorer (the bodybuilder) got 50. I warmed up, loaded 135 (a few pounds more than I weigh, but that’s the weight I always use when bodyweight is called for), and squatted on and off for five minutes. I watched the minutes tick by and when I took a break, I always started again on an even minute. So in the different minutes I got 12, 12, 9, 7, and 8 squats, for a total of 48. I thought that was pretty good for a first try, by myself with no “motivators” around, and for someone who does other things than the powerlifts.

Also I noticed that the guys in the video, with the exception of the O-lifter, were either not squatting below parallel and/or not standing all the way up, and it was very obvious. I used good form and didn’t cheat the range of motion. I do wonder if people in the gym who cheat the range of motion believe no one is noticing; don’t realize it themselves; or feel it’s not important. When I train my classes, I definitely find that during a WOD I can only bust someone on the same thing so many times before I let it go, thinking “he doesn’t believe what I’m telling him” or “she doesn’t care.” Nevertheless it is obvious when people don’t make it important to do things correctly.

Monday I bench pressed up to 115 x 3, 4, and 3 (failed on #4 in that set).

Today (Wednesday 3/19) I benched up to a hodgepodge of sets of 2 at 110 and sets of 4 at 90. I unthinkingly did a few sets of dips, L-sits, planks, and pull-ups this morning, and was still more fatigued than I thought I was from Monday’s bench pressing and/or Sunday’s squats. I’m going to bench press a lot for the next week in hopes of shoulder-pressing 96 lbs for a new PR in a couple of weeks.

(Updating) Later on Wednesday 3/19, at noon, I deadlifted in class, only up to 1 set at 170. Then, Tabata doubleunders, sit-ups, dumbbell cleans (25#), and squats. I scored 464 which I believe was the second highest score (after Kyle) for a person who did doubleunders and not singles. Trying to keep one step ahead of *most* of my trainees gets more and more difficult!

Then on Wednesday night I went to karate and received my orange belt promotion after testing in class. It was fun. I need to try to go more often to train with the head teacher because she’s so detailed. Now it’s Thursday and I feel fairly lazy. I just did a bunch of foam rolling and stretching in the gym and a bunch of cleaning at home. Tomorrow I hope to do two things – go shopping to look at new TVs, and do some yard work.