CrossFit Games Open 14.5

Although I didn’t sign up for the Open this year, I couldn’t resist doing this workout for some reason. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 thrusters (65 lbs) and bar-facing burpees. I was so slow! Slowest female at our gym by far, in 21:50. I didn’t get all that sore from this workout, maybe because I was so slow! Mainly the burpees were really slow. The thrusters I broke into three sets each round, which I think most people did. Anyway, soreness or no, I was fatigued all week, and only today (Friday) did I feel  like I could have really worked out. Yesterday I had an especially bad migraine. Today I had other things to do, including get a massage.

I was at karate on Monday and Wednesday, and will be there tomorrow and Sunday for the spring demo event. Practicing for this event is not a workout but a skill practice. In general the karate classes are a mild workout with lots of skill challenges. The two parts of my body that do end up feeling like I worked them out hard are my feet and the outsides of my hips. I like that a lot. Next week I plan to dive back into barbells and CrossFit.

Someone posted on Facebook how they think “metcons” are so bad unless used very sparingly. The thread turned into a conversation about the badness rather than about the benefit when used right. With also lots of masked or unmasked anti-CrossFit sentiment. I know these trainers must be so frustrated at what a client-magnet CrossFit has become. But they should differentiate themselves in a positive way rather than just saying “metcon” is idiotic. What do you offer instead? Specifically? Anyway, I was tempted to post that I love “metcons” because they make me sleep so soundly, and that I only do about two a week, with karate and barbells in between. But I didn’t. It amazes me that CrossFit got so big as to have such a big backlash. I have a morbid curiosity as to when and how CrossFit will fade. I love what we do in our gym and I learned it all through CrossFit.