Deadlift, front squat, WOD, karate

Thursday, April 17: In the open gym that day with Mike B and Taylor and Kyle, I saw Mike deciding to try a 1 rep max squat, and I was deadlifting, so I decided to try a 1-rep max. I love being in open gym with a few other people (virtually always guys) and supporting whatever each other is doing. I never played sports, so that is a new experience. I’m really glad I decided to have open gym times. On that day I ended up deadlifting 240, which is only 20 pounds off from my all time max from more than a year ago. Kyle got a video of me lifting 230. It’s on my phone and I need to make sure I don’t lose it.


This morning I did a WOD with one guy in the intro class (no new people had shown up). It was 30 weighted step-ups, 50 strict pull-ups, 100 stiff leg deadlifts, partition as desired, for time. I made it easy because I was going to karate right after that — I used a 16 kg kettlebell and a 12-inch box. My pull-ups were all good, at first five at a time and then 3+2 at a time, and my workout time was 16:16.

I stayed to front squat with Tom’s class and did 2 x 5 at 155, which was hard, but not in doubt. Then went to karate. I reeeeally needed a nap this afternoon!