Back squats, kettlebells, snatch, pull-ups

Yesterday: back squat up to 3 x 8 at 165. (Calculated 1 rep max: 205. Hmm. I should try that.) Then, EMOTM 7 minutes, 15 kettlebell swings, 16 kg, rest 3 minutes then AMRAP 7 minutes 10 push-up, 10 ring rows. I got 6 rounds plus 3.

Today while waiting for someone I was meeting at the gym: 5 power snatch 65 lbs, 5 (mostly) strict pull-ups, 7 rounds. I spent about 15 minutes on these and didn’t time anything. I wanted to work out without getting too sweaty before the meeting. I love being able to do snatches and pull-ups while waiting around in my workplace – how many people get to do that!

Filthy Fifty, etc

Today: back squats, 15-12-9-6-3 at 125. Should have gone heavier. I had just finished an hour of office chores and wanted a quick lifting workout, so that’s what it was. Later, two hours of yard work, digging out weeds and invasives on the slope.

Yesterday: Lots of rest after work.

Tuesday: Karate testing. I earned my blue belt. I was resigned (or thought I was resigned and tried to be resigned) to failing this test because I had missed practices while on vacation, then skipped Monday night because I had dinner plans. I was very happy to be promoted. But I’m not particularly good at anything except effort! I need more practice time.

Monday: 15-12-9 front squats at 105. Kettlebell workout. EMOTM 15 minutes 6 cleans, 6 snatches with the 16 kilo.

Sunday: Lots of fun in the gym with six people from karate: Kim, Owl, Tracey, Jen, Tasha, and Adela. We back squatted, learned kettlebell swings, worked on hollow/kip swings and brachating, swung on the rings Santa Monica style, and tried skin the cats.

Saturday: Filthy Fifty, Rx except my final 25 knees to elbows were cheats (shorted, did not always make it all the way up). Time was 28:43. Immediately after finishing I ran a mile for time, as several other people were doing that day. This slow jog took me 11:11. Then I cleaned up and went to karate.


Kettlebell snatch

I’ve been working out and not writing stuff down! We were in Missouri for 8 days and got back the night before last. Yesterday I did a WOD involving weighted lunges with 2 x 25 lb dumbbells, knees to elbows, push-ups, and jumprope. Then I shoulder pressed later, only up to 80. I’ve been doing some heavy yard work and going to karate too, planning to test for the blue belt next Tuesday.

Today I warmed up on the rowing machine, keeping strokes per minute under 25 and pace under 1:59.  Then I did 100 kettlebell snatches for time with 12 kg in 3:51, resting 3 times. I rested a few minutes and then did 50 kettlebell snatches for time with 16 kg, switching hands every five reps. This took me 2:13, resting twice. I was pretty happy with these results. In 2007 and 2009 I took the RKC kettlebell snatch test, in which I had to do 100 snatches at 16 kg in five minutes or less. I was doing lots of CrossFit, and all I had to do was practice a few times and I almost took for granted I could pass the tests, which I did. I believe now that I’ll be 50, I would be allowed to use 12 kg, but on the other hand the RKC doesn’t even exist in the same form any more. I think I’ll plan to do the 16-kg RKC snatch test on my birthday in two months. That’s very attainable as long as I don’t get hurt or something crazy.