Catching up

My last post was on June 7! I have no idea what I did between then and June 15.

Sunday June 15: back squats up to 3 x 5 at 190 lbs.


But before I back squatted, I tried the old RKC snatch test, the version I took in August 2009: 100 snatches at 16 kg in under five minutes. I used the clock to help me make sure I did 20 or more per minute, and I finished at 4:28 with 15 reps in that final 28 seconds. I had hit 50 reps at 2:00. This was really gratifying! But it about killed me! My glutes didn’t know what hit them. I was afraid to lie on the floor or sit down for fear I would not be able to extend my hips one more time to stand up.

I waited a while before doing the squats. When I started on them, I got out of breath and tired on my first set — with the empty bar. I rested a lot between sets and felt normal by the end — normal for heavy squats, that is.

Monday June 16: bench press up to 115. I wanted to do several sets of five, but after all those snatches and squats I was too tired. My sets were 4, 4, 2+3, and 3+3. The ones with the + mean I did not get off the bench but only rested 30 seconds or so to break the set.


Thursday June 19: weighted pull-ups. We were doing them more as stunts than as a workout during the 5:30 PM class, doing one and then making it heavier. I did manage to do one full pull-up with the 24 kg kettlebell attached to me, to the astonishment of the men and to my tremendous satisfaction. Perry got it on video.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 2.53.14 PM

Saturday June 21: karate.

Tuesday: Front squats up to 2 x 5 at 155. I wanted to do that day’s workout too, but I have a cut on my ring finger from Sunday night the 22nd that was still easily aggravated on Tuesday evening.

Yesterday, Weds. June 25: karate class with sensei Aleeta. I’m slowly getting better at a lot of things though I wouldn’t say I’m good at anything. I like practicing under supervision.

Today, Thursday, June 26: Shoulder press to 82 lbs. I managed one set of five unbroken, which was my goal, then did 3 smaller sets not to failure for a total of 18 reps. This is towards my June goal of pressing 100 lbs for 1 rep. I may attempt that on July 1 or 2.


Squat PR!

Yesterday in the gym with Kyle, Mike, Sam, and Taylor, I decided to try a 1-rep max squat. I was tired this week, but I always get inspired when I’m in the gym with other people. It’s especially fun to be in the gym with guys because as a kid I never had fun in gym class or played sports. So, I did some warm-up sets, then set a PR at 225 lbs. Previous PR was in spring of 2008 at a CrossFit Total in Lynnwood, 222 pounds. Yesterday’s 225 was easy, so then I did 230, 235, and finally ended at 240. Kyle got a video of the 230 one.


My final 1RM of 240 is the same as my recent 1-RM deadlift. This isn’t right, but I can’t explain it. Tom points out I need deadlift videos so I (or someone else maybe) can see if I need to change my set-up somehow. Tom thinks I used to stiffleg it, and maybe I still am. Now I want to deadlift 300… maybe late this year.


Sunny Monday

Shoulder press 1 rep max benchmark testing: I got a PR at 97! Then a WOD of:

25′ lunges and 20 mountain climbers (L+R=1), AMRAP 10 minutes, I got 7 even.

Three minutes rest, then three sets max pull-ups: two sets strict, one kipping. I got 9 and 6 strict, then only 6 kipping… I lost my strong “back” pull after rep 6 so I didn’t continue trying to yank myself up with my arms.

I did lots of heavy yard work (digging up stuff off of a slope) the past three days in a row as well as many other days in the past month, and have been doing karate, and whatever else I’ve blogged here, CrossFit-wise. I weigh about 5 pounds more than I should and the fit of some of my clothing shows it, but I feel great and am happy with how I’m doing fitness-wise.