Sunny Monday

Shoulder press 1 rep max benchmark testing: I got a PR at 97! Then a WOD of:

25′ lunges and 20 mountain climbers (L+R=1), AMRAP 10 minutes, I got 7 even.

Three minutes rest, then three sets max pull-ups: two sets strict, one kipping. I got 9 and 6 strict, then only 6 kipping… I lost my strong “back” pull after rep 6 so I didn’t continue trying to yank myself up with my arms.

I did lots of heavy yard work (digging up stuff off of a slope) the past three days in a row as well as many other days in the past month, and have been doing karate, and whatever else I’ve blogged here, CrossFit-wise. I weigh about 5 pounds more than I should and the fit of some of my clothing shows it, but I feel great and am happy with how I’m doing fitness-wise.