Squat PR!

Yesterday in the gym with Kyle, Mike, Sam, and Taylor, I decided to try a 1-rep max squat. I was tired this week, but I always get inspired when I’m in the gym with other people. It’s especially fun to be in the gym with guys because as a kid I never had fun in gym class or played sports. So, I did some warm-up sets, then set a PR at 225 lbs. Previous PR was in spring of 2008 at a CrossFit Total in Lynnwood, 222 pounds. Yesterday’s 225 was easy, so then I did 230, 235, and finally ended at 240. Kyle got a video of the 230 one.


My final 1RM of 240 is the same as my recent 1-RM deadlift. This isn’t right, but I can’t explain it. Tom points out I need deadlift videos so I (or someone else maybe) can see if I need to change my set-up somehow. Tom thinks I used to stiffleg it, and maybe I still am. Now I want to deadlift 300… maybe late this year.