Press PR; squat PR for reps

Today I wanted to press 100 lbs. I did a very sparing warm-up of 1 rep at several weights: 70, 85, 92, 98. I failed at 100 on three widely spaced attempts, including with a belt. I did lift 98 and that was a PR.

I stayed to work out with Kyle’s noon class. We back squatted. I used the percentage of 1 rep max / Wendler scheme. This was the heavy week where you work up to 1+ reps at 95%. My 1-rep max is 240 most recently, so I finished my squats with 3 reps at 225. They were a mess. I haven’t been that close to having to bail out in a long time. But I got them all done, and the calculated 1RM for 3 x 225 is 248. So I can call that a PR and try 248 sometime soon if I have the nerve.

Then we had a kettlebell workout with cleans and push-presses, 10 of each, 9 of each, down to 1. I used a 16 kg bell and it took me about four and a half minutes.



On Monday this week we had front squats and a workout of strict pull-ups, strict ring dips, and deadlifts. I front squatted 145 for 2 x 5. The WOD was:
5 strict pull-ups
5 strict ring dips
10 deadlifts at 155 (I used 135)
5 rounds for time. This took me 11:36 and tired me out enough that I didn’t feel bad about using 135 for the deadlift.

Last Friday I deadlifted up to 220 x 5 and 220 x 3. I would like to get my deadlift up to 270 for 1 rep.