Catching up again

It’s been a long time since I updated. Last time was July 3 after squatting 225 x 3.

July 14: Shoulder press, up  to 78 x 7 followed by a WOD:
Two minutes each of: max reps inchworm, max reps overhead walking lunge with a 35 lb plate, and doubleunders, followed by one minute rest, three rounds.

July 15: back squats, up to 180 for three sets of 7, followed by a two-part WOD:
(1) five-minute AMRAP of 10 KB swings and 5 chest to bar pull-ups. I got 5 rounds + 11 reps.
(2) Rest 3 minutes then a descending ladder from 10 reps down to 1 of doubleunders and V-ups. This took me 3:41.

On July 16 I left for a trip to Chicago that was very sedentary, except on the second day, Mary Beth and I spent seven hours biking (slowly) on cruiser bikes in Rogers Park and on the lake shore. It was really fun.

Today: back squat up to 155 x 12 reps. I didn’t want to go heavier because it’s my first workout back from a sedentary vacation with a lot of driving and flying. I had done the WOD prior to the squats: 10-minute ascending ladder of ring rows and overhead KB swings (16 kg). I finished with 12 rounds + 21 reps. Tonight I’ll go to karate.