Bench press rerun

Today I bench pressed 115 lbs for five, four, and three reps. I’d sure like to get this up to bodyweight (135). It seems I should be able to do it if I bench more consistently. Next week I’ll do lower weight for higher reps, and see if I can get 120 the following week. Today I also did several sets of 5-6 dead-hang pull-ups.

Yesterday was deadlift day. My back was still feeling kind of stiff from all the kettlebell swings on Monday, so I deadlifted lighter for more reps: 135 x 10, 145 x 10, 155 x 10. It was plenty. Then the WOD:
50′ walking lunge with 25# weight plate overhead
10 low ring push-ups (rings really close to the floor)
25 doubleunders
5 rounds for time: 11:48

The ring push-ups, I think I did ten on the first set unbroken, then I broke them up 6 and 5, then I broke up the final three sets into at least three parts. Ring push-ups, when they get really tiring, make me feel nauseated. They really involve all of the layers of abs, it feels like.