Saturday, Tuesday

Saturday I worked out with Tom’s class. They were front squatting, so I did that too even though I had front squatted the previous day. No such thing as too much squatting, right? I did 95 lbs for two sets of 10. Then the WOD was 100 doubleunders, 75 kettlebell swings (16 kg), 50 burpees for time. This took me 10:48, which was bad, in that I put the kettlebell down at least three times during the set of 75. Wimpy.

Today I back squatted up to 5 at 175 which was just over 75% of my most recent 1 rep max (225 a couple of weeks ago). Then the WOD was:

:30 handstand hold
9 shoulder to overhead 65 lbs
27 chest to bar pull-ups
:30 handstand hold
6 shoulder to overhead 65 lbs
18 chest to bar pull-ups
:30 handstand hold
3 shoulder to overhead 65 lbs
9 chest to bar pull-ups
Similar to Saturday, this took me 10:46. I didn’t have to take any breaks on the wall handstand holds (back to wall) and I could have used a heavier barbell for the push-presses. The pull-ups went well and were all chest to bar, though by the end I could only do two in a row. I was scared of this workout but it went well.

I should have gone to karate tonight but I was too groggy and tired after my hour and 20 minute nap in the lawn chair between 4:20 and 5:40. It’s probably good for me to take a longish nap on these days when I get up around 5 AM three days in a row, but I need to find a way to wake up from it feeling motivated and refreshed rather than listless. Ideas: nap earlier in the afternoon; set an alarm, jump up and drink some water immediately in another room; and/or go outside immediately. Tomorrow I’ll do all of those things and see if anything’s different.

Time Flies

I’ve worked out plenty in the past month and intended to blog each time. Usually I have lots of strenuous activity at the beginning of the week that includes CrossFit, lifting, karate, and yard work; then usually I’m more lazy on Wednesdays and only do karate; then often I work out during Open Gym on Thursdays.

Last Saturday Tom and I drove to Stormking Dayspa and Resort in Ashford to stay overnight and hike on Sunday in Mt Rainier National Park. Tom picked out a hike we could do on Saturday night, so we did that too, starting at the Comet Falls trailhead at 5:15. The sign said hiking time three hours, but we got to the beautiful falls in one hour, took our time coming back, and got back to the park entrance around 7:30 to go find dinner.

The next morning we drove up to Paradise and hiked a loop — a Mazama Ridge trail down towards Reflection Lakes, to the lakes and across (partly on the road), then back up to Paradise. It was great. The wildflowers were rampant and colorful in the high open spaces. From the trail, with binoculars, we could see climbers coming right off the summit, and lower, crossing a snowfield. We had gym friends up there on that same morning, and the climber we saw in the bright red jacket may have been one of them.

Monday was my new day off, and I did three hours of yard work. Tuesday, up at 4:45 to start my new schedule of teaching the early-morning classes on Tues. through Thursday. Tuesday is now my heaviest day — I’m in the gym until at least 1:00 PM. I can’t remember whether I worked out that day! But I did go to karate that night as well as Thursday (last night). After a big nap, that is. I had a nap on all three of my early days, which helped. It is relaxing to be done at some earlyish time of day and not have to go back. Even though it’s hard being tired.

Today I front squatted up to three sets of five at 145, then around 2:30 I rode my bike up to Office Depot near U Village to get some small office supplies. It’s a great sunny cool day for a bike ride. I also stopped by the Center for Urban Horticulture.

Sometime last week I did a shoulder press workout up to 5+ at 75%. And on Thursday last week I did a workout I was slow at with running in it. It was a 12-minute ascending ladder of 80m run and (jumping) bar muscle-ups. You had to add one more of each every round. In 12 minutes I got up to 5 runs, 5 muscle-ups, and 2 more runs. Afterward, Mike said I ought to also do the previous day’s workout that everyone said was such a puker. So I did one round of it. You had two minutes to do two rounds of “Cindy” and then finish the remainder of the time doing doubleunders. The score was how many doubleunders you got, and I got 32. The previous day’s class had done five rounds of that, with prescribed rest in between. I would not have wanted to do that!

For karate I’ve been practicing my roundhouse kick stance on my own, and practicing parts of my kata on my own, and I do find that both are improving. What I love about karate is how it makes my legs work independently of each other, as if they are arms. Only of course I’m only at the most simple level and I’m too tight to ever really whip my legs around. Still, I love getting that feeling of “prehensile legs,” as I call it.