Saturday, Tuesday

Saturday I worked out with Tom’s class. They were front squatting, so I did that too even though I had front squatted the previous day. No such thing as too much squatting, right? I did 95 lbs for two sets of 10. Then the WOD was 100 doubleunders, 75 kettlebell swings (16 kg), 50 burpees for time. This took me 10:48, which was bad, in that I put the kettlebell down at least three times during the set of 75. Wimpy.

Today I back squatted up to 5 at 175 which was just over 75% of my most recent 1 rep max (225 a couple of weeks ago). Then the WOD was:

:30 handstand hold
9 shoulder to overhead 65 lbs
27 chest to bar pull-ups
:30 handstand hold
6 shoulder to overhead 65 lbs
18 chest to bar pull-ups
:30 handstand hold
3 shoulder to overhead 65 lbs
9 chest to bar pull-ups
Similar to Saturday, this took me 10:46. I didn’t have to take any breaks on the wall handstand holds (back to wall) and I could have used a heavier barbell for the push-presses. The pull-ups went well and were all chest to bar, though by the end I could only do two in a row. I was scared of this workout but it went well.

I should have gone to karate tonight but I was too groggy and tired after my hour and 20 minute nap in the lawn chair between 4:20 and 5:40. It’s probably good for me to take a longish nap on these days when I get up around 5 AM three days in a row, but I need to find a way to wake up from it feeling motivated and refreshed rather than listless. Ideas: nap earlier in the afternoon; set an alarm, jump up and drink some water immediately in another room; and/or go outside immediately. Tomorrow I’ll do all of those things and see if anything’s different.