100 miles in 100 days…?

I’m so bad at running that I couldn’t really do yesterday’s workout properly. The workout was: in a 2-minute interval, run 100m then finish the two minutes by doing as many as possible of a movement. Rest 1 minute, do 5 rounds. The 5 movements were burpee, pull-up, inchworm, squat, doubleunders. I ran the full 400m the first three rounds and only had about five seconds left for the max-effort movement. So the final two rounds, I ran 250m.

Later that day, I was complaining about how slow I am, and my open-gym-workout pal Mike — who’s also wanting to work on his running — suggested running a mile a day for 100 days. So, a while after yesterday’s workout, I ran a mile in 9:57, from the gym to Spectrum Dance and back.

Today I worked out with the 7:30 class: I deadlifted up to 5 at 185 (my back and legs were stiff from running), then the WOD was 15-12-9 handstand push-up and hang snatch. I did the HSPU’s to two stacked abmats — not full range but still hard — and the snatches with 55 lbs. My time was 12:03. Within about ten minutes of finishing, I went for my mile run, and today it took me 10:46.

Today and yesterday I started my watch and didn’t look at it again until I got back, and I didn’t try to push myself to run faster. What I want to do is feel comfortable running. I focus on sensations in different parts of the body and try to get in touch with what is comfortable and relaxed, and what parts feel uncomfortable and heavy. Somehow it feels like my feet are too small no matter how I try to land on forefoot first, whole foot, or whatever. Of course I try not to reach with my leg and heel-strike because that is so out of favor as to be anathema these days. Who would think something as natural as running could be so complicated. Of course, this probably comes from stopping doing it after we grow up.

I like my early-morning teaching schedule.