Today: run, squats

I ran a mile, day 3 in a row of 100. I ran today before working out, unlike the other two days. Today I was warmed up and stretched and fresh, so I was faster, 9:19. The discomfort came from the cardio. Good to know my cardio endurance can get better.

Two and a half hours later I back squatted up to 4 sets of 5 at 155.

Yesterday after my run, I was worried about having really stiff hamstrings and tight low back going into karate class, but I did my usual stretching and my legs felt fine, and strong, in karate. But today in the back squats, my legs felt fatigued. When I get far into these 100 days of 1-mile runs, will my legs feel normal for lifting? I won’t want running to limit my lifting strength.