Karate practice, mile run

Today is Sunday. Tom had to go to work so I was home alone for a while. I moved furniture out of the way and practiced two katas for a really long time, in the living room. It was compulsive but felt great to spend the time doing them over and over. I took breaks but not for long. I watched a couple of videos a few times to see if I was doing them right. I must have spent more than two hours. Tom came home and I showed them to him and of course blanked out once each.
We both went outside and stretched and squatted for a while, then I went for my mile run here in the neighborhood. My time today was my fastest yet, 8:48. I didn’t feel any specific discomfort but didn’t think I was going faster. In fact, I set out from the start to NOT try to go faster. Except when I got to maybe 100 meters from the finish (home), I ran that last part faster. I was really surprised at being so much faster over all. This was day 6.