1 mile run day 7 and 8

Today: started teaching at 5:30 AM. Stretch and run at 8:50 AM, to Spectrum Dance and back, 10:01. Two hours later, back squat up to 2 x 5 at 175 then overhead squats up to 5 at 73. Tried a few sets of sumo deadlift at noon and did some bar hanging for time. Kyle’s idea. I do think this is good for my elbows.

When setting off for my run I wanted to go slowly. The past four days had each been faster than the last and I don’t want to get ambitious and have knee pain. In less than two weeks, we’re going to spend two days hiking. I don’t think I’ll run the mile on either of those days. I have a spreadsheet to help me keep track of whether I’m going to make the 100 miles in 100 days if at some point I skip days or don’t run the full mile.

Yesterday: Kata practice, 1 mile run at about 4 PM around the block 27th – Jefferson – MLK – Alder – 27th. One time around is .35 mile, so I went twice plus just over two-thirds around. Yesterday’s time was 8:43, my fastest yet. I didn’t think I was going faster. I suspect the Spectrum Dance run is more than a mile because each time, it has been longer than any of my three close-to-home local runs. Thirty seconds of running time might account for 200 meters.

I don’t look at the watch until I’m finished. Mike suggests I look at it at the halfway point. He tries to make just a little more effort on the second half. Halfway on the Spectrum run is of course Spectrum. Halfway on my counterclockwise neighborhood loop would be Yesler and 24th. Halfway on my clockwise around-the-block loop would be in front of Ola’s house or one more house south of her. I should try running half, catch my breath for three minutes, then run the second half and see if it adds up to being faster than usual. I should also try it on a track.