Daily 1 mile run + WOD

Very fun WOD from Kyle’s programming today in the gym. “Bulgarian split squats” (a/k/a “bleacher lunges”) with dumbbells, 5 x 5 per leg. I did my final set with the 25 lb dumbbells. This wasn’t hard. It seemed like people earlier in the morning found it harder. Maybe I was misreading their reaction, as it was also new to them, and they were also working to find the right foot positions and depth.

WOD part 1: AMRAP 10 minutes of 3 wall walk, 10 box jump. I got 8 rounds plus 1 wall walk. My wall walks were pretty good, but not the ultimate ones with hands 1 inch from wall.

WOD part 2: with the jumprope, 75 single skips on 1 foot; stand one-footed on that foot 1 minute; 2 rounds per side. I did this without shoes and it tired out my legs, lower legs, and feet in an awesome way. I really want to do that some more. I started on my right. On my first round, right side, I broke up the skipping into about 3 sets, and I broke up the 1 minute of standing also into 3 sets if I recall correctly, though I did accumulate the full minute. On the left, first round, I did all 75 skips with no stops. I can’t remember if I broke up the minute. I think my total time was 7:58.

An hour later with my Fitness Within Reach class we did not jump rope on one leg, but we did try standing on one foot for a minute, and we all succeeded no problem. One new person this month is a yoga enthusiast and teacher. It has been fun to work with her, and she told me today that she thought she would have aches and pains from all this new stuff such as barbell lifting and “CrossFit,” but she feels great. She has a little skepticism in that she hasn’t seen for herself how fit we get in CrossFit in a way that is meaningful to her. So when she saw that I and the other two or three people in the room could all stand on one leg for a full minute, she was really impressed. Standing on one leg is one of those things that either seems, or is, diagnostic of someone’s health trajectory, similar to “how fast can you walk” or “how many times can you get up off your chair with no hands in 30 seconds” or “can you run for five minutes.”

Tomorrow I’m going to ask this group to see “how many different ways can you get up off the floor without using your hands,” and I hope the yoga teacher is there!!

Today is day 9 of the 100 miles in 100 days. I ran the local loop in 8:33. I was really surprised at that faster time because I didn’t feel like I was going any faster than yesterday’s Spectrum run in 10:01. One possible explanation is that today I warmed up with kata practice, which has lots of moderate to quick leg movement. I also warmed up with kata practice on my other fastest day. I’ve been practicing two katas a lot at home the past few days because belt testing is next Tuesday. I will test with Pinan Sandan and Kensei Dai.