Catching up

This week on Tuesday we had belt testing at karate. I had to perform two katas on my own for the first time, as well as lots of movements with other people. It went well and I felt great, and I passed, so now I have second blue belt or 8th kyu. Afterward I felt so stretched out and loosened up that I could almost put my nose on my knees while sitting on the floor, and even after I got home my whole back and hips and lower body felt like that of a flexible little kid. I wish I could distill that process down to its essence and achieve that feeling in less than 90 minutes of karate. I wonder if the warm gi that we have to wear has something to do with how limbered up I get. I want to put some dojo flooring in the basement now.

I bench pressed this week up to 3 x 5 at 110 and on the same day I front squatted up to 2 x 5 at 145 lbs. Was that Tuesday? I think so. Same day as karate testing, which is why I didn’t do a third set of front squats.

Wednesday and Thursday I did almost nothing except teach my classes and bask in the good feeling from karate. Today I did shoulder press up to 3 singles at 90 lbs and deadlift up to 2 x 5 at 175, just before the noon class, then during the 4:30 hour I back squatted up to 1 set of 8 at 175.

Since Monday I have not run my mile per day because my right knee was just a bit puffy inside from the running and the karate practice. I practiced a lot over the weekend and ran the mile twice on both Friday and Monday. So this weekend we’re going hiking and I wanted to make sure my knees were good for that. I’ll resume running on Monday, a mile a day.

I’m trying to be disciplined about lifting weights. If I’m going to do fewer CrossFit workouts during certain weeks while I do more karate and running, I have to remember those are not true workouts, only exercise, and I have to be sure I do my barbell lifts so that I get all the planes and ranges of motion.