Bench press PR

On Tuesday I deadlifted up to a set of 5 at 205, then bench pressed up to 5 at 120. Mike was there and said I ought to try for 132, which is my body weight, and I’d said I wanted to bench that. So I did one at 125 and then finally one at 132. Awesome.

Later I ran my “daily” one mile, not very fast, 8:40 I think. It is not daily any more now that it’s been raining about every other day. I’m not going to get soaked.

Today I front squatted up to 3 x 5 at 145 and then did several sets of strict and weighted pull-ups, up to two at 20 kg. I did five reps at 8, 12, and 16 kg first. This was all pretty tiring.

Coach Rippetoe always says if you’re not increasing the weight on your bar, you’re not getting stronger and you’re wasting time. I’d like to see him address the desire to maintain strength (that isn’t quite maximal but is pretty darn strong) instead of taking the increased risk of always trying to go heavier, as well as the simple fact that no one is going to get stronger forever. I try to always maintain a deadlift and squat of >200 lbs, a press of >90, a clean and jerk of 100+, and a 16-kg weighted pull-up. I’m not wasting time.



Today: shoulder press up to 4 at 81 lbs (85% of 1-rep max) then a multi-part WOD.

Max kettlebell snatches (16 kg) in 5 minutes: 107; rest 1 minute
Max burpee box jumps 20″ in two minutes: 16; rest 1 minute
AMRAP 5 minutes: 5 thruster (55 lbs), 5 toes to bar: I got 5 rounds 7 reps

Later I ran a mile in 8:00 around the neighborhood.

I’m especially happy with the 107 snatches in 5 minutes. I was required to do 100 in five minutes for the RKC. At age 50 that requirement would be for a 12-kg kettlebell, but I can still do over 100 with the 16 kg. It was easier this time than when I did 100 of them with Tom earlier this year. I was less spent afterward.



Triple unders

Today: back squats up to two sets of five at 185 and then one set at 165. The left side of my low back hurt a little is why I backed off. Earlier I ran one mile in 8:33. My record for that route is 8:20. It was nice out. Later I did our WOD for today.
10 triple under
15 hollow rock
20 lunges
AMRAP 10 minutes
Proud of myself for getting 3 round 28 reps at Rx. First time doing triples in a WOD.

Forgot to mention last Saturday Judy at karate showed me how to do one arm push ups, so the triples were my second stunt in a week!  Fun.

Catching up

Today: ran a mile in 8:39
Workout with Tom: 3, 6,9, 12, etc of wallball, box jump, deadlift, 11 minute AMRAP, I got into the 21 round for a total of 200 reps.

Thursday: slow eccentric front squats to 3×5 at 105, then two rounds of “DT” at 85 pounds in 5:06. I couldn’t get too sweaty because I had a massage coming up.

I’m still running a mile most days. The weather has been good. If I skip one, I run two the next day. It feels virtuous!

Push-jerks, etc

Saturday I took Tom’s class. We did push-jerks for sets of 3 and I finished at 103. I could have done more pretty easily but we were out of time.

Then we had a kettlebell version of the workout called “DT.” It was 12 deadlift, 9 cleans per side, 9 push-jerks per side, 5 rounds for time. My time was 8:50 with a 16-kg kettlebell.

Sunday I had two of my karate friends in the gym to deadlift and bench press. That was all we did except for a few pull-up progressions in our warm-up.

Each day I’ve been running 1 mile. Today (Tuesday) I ran mile 37 in 8:20 from the restaurant front to Spectrum and back. I tried every so often to speed up for a while, and it paid off, though I equalled but did not improve on my record time for that route.

Today (Tuesday): Bench press. I was working by myself so I didn’t want to go heavy. I benched 100 lbs for sets of 10, 8, 6, and 5 without failing. Then I ran the mile, then did the workout of the day: ascending ladder for 10 minutes of burpee pull-ups and dumbbell squats. I used 25-lb dumbbells, varied between strict-ish pull-ups in which I jumped off the ground and kipping pull-ups in which I also jumped off the ground, and got up to a complete round of 8 of each plus one additional burpee pull-up. (That is, doing a burpee and when jumping, grab the pull-up bar and pull up.) We ended with two minutes max doubleunders, and I got 110 with a rope that was somewhat heavy and didn’t spin well at all. Hard!

CrossFit, deadlift

On Tuesday I did one of the paleo challenge workouts, an ascending 15-minute ladder of 85-lb cleans and pull-ups. I did 9+9+3, or 93 reps. It was fun.
I’ve been good about doing my mile run. My record here at home on the around-the-block course is 7:48, and at the gym the out-and-back run to Spectrum is around 8:20. Today 8:37.
Later I deadlifted up to 15-12-9 at 156 which is 65% of my 240 1-rep max for this year. The fifteen were hard, the twelve and nine not nearly as challenging.

Bench press, run, pull-ups

Today I ran two miles because I didn’t run yesterday (busy). I ran the two-mile loop close to home in 17:53. Only 4 seconds longer than the other day when I ran the same loop. An hour later, I bench pressed with George spotting me, warm-ups and then 120 lbs x 4, 4, 3, 3. I hope to get two solid sets of 5 soon and then add a little weight.

Before we left I did a cursory few sets of pull-ups. The bench press definitely affects pulling strength.

Barbells, karate, running

For the past couple of weeks I haven’t done a lot of CrossFit workouts. I’ve kept up with my barbell lifting, which I’ve learned is the most important part of all the exercise I try to do. Today: bench press up to 120 lbs for a set of 4, then 3, 2, and 2. Later, deadlift up to a set of 5 at 195. That was enough; I had a terrible migraine.

Later, after a migraine pill and a nap: ran 1 mile (around-the-block route) in my fastest time yet, 7:48. I picked up speed at the end, in the final long and short “legs,” that is, the final southbound on MLK and the half-block going westbound on Alder. I’m glad to say I can run a sub-8-minute mile!

I don’t know why my 5-rep back squat and 5-rep deadlift are the same (as are the 1-rep maxes). It’s been that way for at least a couple of years. Doing whatever it might take to increase the deadlift seems not worth the effort, as risk would increase as well.

This past Sunday I did a CrossFit workout with three friends from karate.

2 turkish get-ups per side
Farmer walk 100m (I carried 16-kg kettlebells)
5 push-ups
80m run
5 rounds for time
This took me almost 18 minutes. I started the TGUs with a 16-kg kettlebell and this slowed me down right away. I switched to 8 kg. I’d like to strengthen my TGU back to where doing it with 16 kg is relatively easy. I can do that.

I’ve been running a mile a day almost every day. Yesterday I ran two miles in 17:49. I had skipped the previous day because of tiredness.

Karate has been a lot of fun. I bought a new gi.