Push-jerks, etc

Saturday I took Tom’s class. We did push-jerks for sets of 3 and I finished at 103. I could have done more pretty easily but we were out of time.

Then we had a kettlebell version of the workout called “DT.” It was 12 deadlift, 9 cleans per side, 9 push-jerks per side, 5 rounds for time. My time was 8:50 with a 16-kg kettlebell.

Sunday I had two of my karate friends in the gym to deadlift and bench press. That was all we did except for a few pull-up progressions in our warm-up.

Each day I’ve been running 1 mile. Today (Tuesday) I ran mile 37 in 8:20 from the restaurant front to Spectrum and back. I tried every so often to speed up for a while, and it paid off, though I equalled but did not improve on my record time for that route.

Today (Tuesday): Bench press. I was working by myself so I didn’t want to go heavy. I benched 100 lbs for sets of 10, 8, 6, and 5 without failing. Then I ran the mile, then did the workout of the day: ascending ladder for 10 minutes of burpee pull-ups and dumbbell squats. I used 25-lb dumbbells, varied between strict-ish pull-ups in which I jumped off the ground and kipping pull-ups in which I also jumped off the ground, and got up to a complete round of 8 of each plus one additional burpee pull-up. (That is, doing a burpee and when jumping, grab the pull-up bar and pull up.) We ended with two minutes max doubleunders, and I got 110 with a rope that was somewhat heavy and didn’t spin well at all. Hard!