Today’s buffet

I said to Kyle, what lift should I do? He said snatch balance. Whoa. Ok. I worked on sets of three overhead squats and three snatch balances up to 52 pounds. I felt that bench pressing has helped my overhead squat. Something in my back felt stronger. Although that was a light weight.

Then I did yesterday’s WOD: every minute on the minute five thrusters, add weight after every third round. I got up to 85 pounds and was happy with that. That’s a workout I could stand to do more often.

After that I had just enough time for 15-12-9 deadlifts at 155.

In the morning I had gone for my mile run, on the slippery leaf-strewn sidewalk in the wind, and that jog took me 9:55. It was a lot easier than my 9:55 on my very first one on the same route.

Last Thursday I went to karate and was the only student. It was so great! I had a private lesson from Sensei Aleeta. She helped me with a lot of kata details.