Catching up

Today, Thursday, November 20: I taught kipping pull-ups and muscle-ups today. I did plenty of pull-ups and I almost got a muscle-up —  but no. Later I back squatted up to 5 x 3 at 175, being a little cautious and non-aggressive because of my back feeling fragile the past two days. I did a 53 lb barbell pistol on my left leg and almost, not quite, got it on the right.

Wednesday November 19: I did very little today, so tired. I worked on super narrow stance front squats emphasizing one leg at a time in order to try to progress on my weighted pistols. I didn’t even go to karate and feel bad about it.

Tuesday November 18: Anniversary of the “flood” disaster in the gym. Ugh. Glad that’s behind me. EMOTM 10 minutes, do 1 man maker first minute, then 3 second minute, 5, 7, etc. If you can’t finish, start over at 1 again the next minute. Record weights used and how high a number you completed. I used 20 lb dumbbells and reached 4 reps three times. My shoulders and triceps were hurting from Sunday, and supporting myself for the row on my right arm was so hard that it worried me a little. So I was very slow. Later that day I deadlifted but I only went up to 175 and only did three reps. My left lower back was hurting a little bit, the only part of my back that ever has pain, so I didn’t want to provoke it.

Monday November 17 in Kyle’s 4:30 PM class: Bench press up to 2 x 5 at 110. Then AMRAP 15 minutes 50 feet weighted walking lunges with emphasis on neutral back and “tucked tail” + 10 toes to bar. I got 7 rounds using 25 lb dumbbells.

Sunday November 16 in the gym by myself: I worked on sets of 3 cleans for 15 minutes, emphasis on full cleans, not power cleans. They went well. I tried to apply only as much power as I needed and drop under fast, and I felt that I actually was receiving them in a squat. I’ll make video next time. This was only up to 113 lbs. After that I recreated a workout I found in a workout log. Just now I found it here on FitNotes and it’s from Oct. 11, 2004, and it was my first CrossFit class. How many of each can I do in a minute, three rounds: pull-ups, push-press 65#, row for meters, and push-ups. Rest 30 seconds between each set. Looking at the notebook, Tom points out, “I don’t see anything about rest in the original.”

Saturday November 15 I went to karate. I have not run a mile in at least a week. It got sooo cold. Granted in the midday it was around 40 and sunny… I guess I lost interest. I’ll start up again. Every week feels differently tired and difficult with my three early mornings in a row. I get up at 4:45 Tuesdays and Thursdays and at 5:45 on Wednesdays. It is very hard for me to do other things after about 4 PM, even though I take a nap. Nonetheless, running a mile only takes less than 10 minutes, and I really did feel that it was good for me. I read recently in the new book “Higher Faster Stronger” that when we push the cardio a bit more than is comfortable, we grow more mitochondria. That appeals to me!

Monday, November 10 in class with Ellyn and Brian: For time,
10 DB alternating-sides snatch (1 dumbbell, 20 lbs)
10 burpee box-jump-overs 20″
20 DB alternating-sides snatch
20 burpee box-jump-overs
20 DB alternating-sides snatch
20 burpee box-jump-overs
10 DB alternating-sides snatch
10 burpee box-jump-overs
My time was 10:54, middle of the pack. (Why does it seem like every timed workout takes me 10:54??)

Below whiteboard photo is from Sunday’s recreation of the other (graph paper) photo’s workout from 2005.

2005-franworkoutfromnotebook 2014-11-15whiteboard-fran