All about today.

Today I arrived at the gym at 5:20 AM, in the dark, looking around carefully for any lurkers as I crossed the parking lot and came down the stairs. In the gym I quickly planned how I’d warm up my classes for the front squat. I made some coffee and had a coconut-date snack and turned on the music. People arrived.

I taught three CrossFit classes, eating a bit of jerky and/or a date snack as discreetly as I could during each hour’s WOD. At 8:30 when the third class was over, I planned my 9:30 AM Fitness Within Reach class and my 10:30 AM personal training session with Amy.

I ate some more jerky and had my second mug of coffee. I often intend to work out at that time, and sometimes I do it, but as an introvert I’m tired after teaching three hours in a row and having more coming right up. So, often I snack and do office work ot surf the internet instead. The 9:30 class went smoothly. I love the Fitness Within Reach class because the trainees find their newfound strength so rewarding. The personal training session was good too — my client was deadlifting today and she has less anxiety about that than about squats. I appreciate her because she supports what I do, and she always thanks me and says the class was fun.

She left just before 11:30, so I had just over half an hour to warm up and work out. The CrossFit classes were doing front squats today. I did cleans yesterday and had limited time so I skipped lifting — I usually don’t skip it — and did the WOD only: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 each of pushpresses (65 lbs) and toes to bar. I did this “Rx” in … 8:48? I can’t believe I can’t remember my time.

Then the noon class arrived, two guys. We were all chatty and it was a fun class. They squatted heavy and well, worked hard in the WOD, and left happy. One of the two will be in for my Thanksgiving Day workouts and one will not.

I listened to voicemail, fixed a concern with someone’s account, cleaned up my dishes, vacuumed, and left for the grocery store to get ready for Thanksgiving.