Deadlift 1-rep max 232

Friday Dec. 12: 1-rep max deadlift. I did this along with my Fitness Within Reach class. I calculated my 1RM should be 232, and it was. I failed at 240 though I had to try it because I had time.

The WOD was, for time:

  • 800m run
  • 50 DB Snatches
  • 400m run
  • 35 DB Snatches
  • 250m run
  • 20 DB Snatches

This took me over 17 minutes  and made me feel like I was going to lose bladder control, throw up, and have a heart attack. Guess I need to get back in shape! The time includes a bathroom break — I could not face the second run without it. This may be the first time I’ve ever taken a bathroom break during a workout. Also: I ran way too far on the first run. I thought I knew the turn-around point, but someone else had figured it out and told it to me, and I obviously had it wrong. Two very good-natured women ran it with me and didn’t complain too much! Whoops!

Saturday Dec. 13: 1-rep max front squat. I hit 170 and felt good about it. That’s 15 pounds off my all time record. Then we had a team workout. I was part of a trio. Together we did 150 sit-ups, doubleunders, lunge steps, push-ups, and squats. I can’t remember our time, but we had fun. Susie and I were “one person” and the other was Hannah the college student.

Our gym Christmas party was last night. As always, it was very fun and relaxing to hang out with everyone in Teresa’s beautiful house.

Today I stayed home and practiced the Pinan Nidan and the Matsukaze katas.

Press, squats, WODs

Yesterday, Tuesday Dec. 9: shoulder press. People were testing their 1-rep max, so I decided to do the same, even though only the day before the press did not go so well. Yesterday was better and I pressed 1 at 85 lbs. My right shoulder has something wrong with it.

The workout yesterday was 5 rounds of 2-minute intervals, with 1 minute rest in between: AMRAP 5 power snatch, 10 overhead lunges, 5 power snatch, 10 thrusters. I used 55 lbs and got three rounds plus three reps. The lunges were by far the hardest part. It felt good to work out after being sort of brittle and out of sorts the prior week. Then last night I went to karate class. I love classes where we do tons of kicks because it loosens up my hip muscles and my low back so much. Feels great.

Today I did the WOD first — 30 doubleunders + max effort pull-ups, rest same amount of time as the work took, 5 rounds. My first round, I got 16 pull-ups (kips) and the whole first round took me 54 seconds. I finished with a total of 45 pull-ups. Afterward I had a little time left for back squats and got up to 2 x 5 at 160.

Today’s lifting

Last Thursday was the last day I worked out last week. I did front squats, up to 3 sets of 5 at 145. I didn’t work out the next three days. I had felt so crummy and fragile all week and I don’t know why. My right shoulder isn’t right, my left elbow flares up and aches, my knees felt brittle, and everything felt incredibly hard to do. I was pleased with doing one lift a day Monday through Thursday though not pleased with skipping the next three days and not pleased with not doing any CrossFit workouts. Yet I refused to drive myself when I felt fragile even while neurotically worrying I would quit completely and turn into a blob. When does “don’t drive yourself too hard” become “you’re doing next to nothing”?

Today I went in by myself in the afternoon — it’s my day off — and warmed up for about 20 minutes, doing lots of kettlebell stuff and pull-ups. I took some pictures of myself (with the tripod and camera) because MindBody is doing a case study on the gym and asked me for some pics. When I was done with that stuff, I deadlifted up to 5 at 195 then backed off for another set of 5 at 185. These felt good. Then I did shoulder presses. My “pushing” ability is what’s been especially weak the past ten days or so. Is it just a shoulder problem or is my core completely falling apart?? I could only press up to 75 lbs.


This week and Thanksgiving weekend

Tom and I went to Lake Crescent on Friday through Sunday. It snowed! We walked around a lot in very cold sunshine. We went to Freshwater Bay, Crescent Bay, and the Lyre River where people were fishing and almost landed a fish thiiiiis big. We walked along the Spruce Railroad trail to Devils Punchbowl as the moon came up over the mountain to the south and the sun set. It was so beautiful!

Monday I worked on cleans during open gym. I got up to 7 singles at 122 lbs. My core isn’t as strong as it would need to be to jerk that, not that I was doing jerks that day. I suppose it’s usual to be able to clean more than you can jerk. This was my third Monday in a row working on cleans and trying to do true cleans, ie, receive it in a squat position. Probably some of the time I’m not as low as I think I am. I have not felt particularly strong this week, and my right shoulder hurts a little and feels a little fragile.

Tuesday the classes had skin the cats as a strength/skill practice, so I had to teach that starting at 5:30 AM. This was not easy but it went well. My hands ended up feeling a little bit beat up, and my shoulders were tired. I was conservative on my demonstrations and on my own reps because I hadn’t worked on those in a while. That is something I need to remember to work on in order to maintain it “forever.” That’s another stunt I’d hate to lose, like the handstand, pistol, etc.

Later that day I bench pressed up to 100 for three sets of five. That was difficult though not close to my 5-rep record of 120. And I went to karate despite having slept little and badly. It was a great class although we had to stick around to clean the place afterward, which feels like a waste of time because I can only get there twice a week and when I’m there in the evening, I’m running on fumes as it is.

Today I worked on push-presses. Again not feeling all that strong, especially in my right shoulder, but really all over! I did several sets of three at 75 lbs, which is not even close to my 5-rep max shoulder (strict) press. I don’t know why I’m not very strong this week.