Took down Northwest Notes

If you landed here when looking for Northwest Notes, my outdoors and gardening blog, you were redirected on purpose because I took down that blog yesterday. My updates became so rare that I decided it wasn’t worth continuing to pay for the hosting. I’ll post interesting outdoors stuff here instead. Garden photos, I’ll put on Facebook, which, let’s be honest, co-opts blogs very well if you let it. “Why should I jump through the hoops of Movable Type photo uploads and coding, and all that typing, when Facebook is so easy, and more importantly, I know my friends are more likely to see it there?” was the thinking that led me to take down Northwest Notes after seven years. I started NN because I liked websites and because it would be great as writing practice, where I could either have an audience or imagine one, and Facebook won’t do that. But those are not as high priorities any more; communicating easily with people I know is more important and more fun now.