“Christine” and other benchmarks

Today: Rings workout starting week 3, above the rings. Then after teaching my class I did today’s repeat of CrossFit Games Open 2011.1 which was AMRAP 10 minutes 55# power snatch and 30 double-unders. I got 4 rounds + 41 extra reps. In 2011 I got 5 rounds and some extra reps. Today I was by myself and in 2011 I had Stephanie counting for me and hollering at me. I still remember how intense that was!

After today’s WOD I did some stiff leg deadlifts, ending with 2 sets of 5 at 135.

On Sunday this week, we finished out the Lurong Paleo Challenge. I did “Christine” scaled the same way as at the start of the challenge and finished faster – 11:10 this time, 11:47 last time. After that I also did a rings workout, below the rings.


I worked out four days in a row last week and felt great. I also worked more hours than usual. Lianne is on maternity leave and I’ve been covering her hours — but I’ve had excellent help from two new trainers, and this allowed me to work out more than I otherwise could have.

Today Kyle and I did “Christine” after the noon class was over. 13:31 Rx’d. Last time I did this, with Tom about six months ago, it took me a minute and a half longer. At that time I had done little rowing in quite some time. I’m sure I pushed a little harder today also because I wouldn’t want to look like a slouch to Kyle who is half my age!

Recent workouts and West Plains

We went to visit Aunt Tommy the week before Thanksgiving in West Plains, MO, home to 10,800 people and TWO CrossFit gyms. On the Wednesday we went to CrossFit West Plains. We warmed up with calisthenics and mobility and then did “Elizabeth,” 21-15-9 cleans (75 lbs) and ring dips (with a band). My time was 11:13. Afterward I was asked to help two women learn better power cleans, which they did, and it was lots of fun to work with them because they were very interested and kept saying, “It’s so much easier this way!” (When you jump!) And we finished with 5×5 overhead squats. I got up to five at 75 lbs and Tom made a video so we could show my aunt.

The next night we went to CrossFit SoMo, did a long version of the Burgener warm-up with Rodney who had recently come from Coach B’s certification, and then did a WOD he made up:

50 double-unders
50 squats
40 double-unders
40 sit-ups
30 double-unders
30 push-ups
20 double-unders
20 pull-ups
10 double-unders
10 burpees
My time was, I think, 9:20-something. I did all my double-unders unbroken. Later we all helped each other work on butterfly kipping pull-ups. The group was really fun. It is such a blast to try other CrossFits, especially far from home!

We came home from vacation feeling great and I woke up Monday morning with the flu. Puked all day, mostly better on Tuesday, worked on Wednesday but tired, fine on Thursday. Yesterday (Saturday) in our gym I did 5×5 front squats up to 140, then “Christine” (body weight was down to 125) in 15:01. I felt completely unmotivated before going to the gym and wanted to stay home and read, but of course I felt great after accomplishing what I had decided to do.


Row 500 meters
12 bodyweight deadlifts (60 kg)
21 box jumps (20 inches)
My slow time today: 15:18

Last time was in Feb. 2007, 13:02
November 2005, 12:29 (my best time)
May 2005, 12:57

Sheesh! I knew I was out of shape. I want to do Christine again in two or three weeks and see if I can take off two minutes. My deadlifts are stronger and my rowing technique is better than in early 2007 so I feel good about today’s workout regardless of the slower time.


Row 500 meters
21 box jumps
12 bodyweight deadlifts (60 kilos)
Three rounds
Time: 13:02 — much slower than previous attempts a year and more ago — what went wrong? I felt like I was working hard.
At the gym on a piece of paper, I have a note of doing “Christine” in I believe 11:57 in June 2006. I can’t find that here so I guess I didn’t blog that one.


Thursday we revisited “Christine” again:
Row 500 meters
21 box-jumps, 24 inches high
12 bodyweight deadlifts
Three times through.
My time was 12:29. I thought I’d get closer to 10 minutes this time, but I’m a terrible rower, and I haven’t mastered the way to do deadlifts the most efficiently–you sort of drop the weight, but you follow it down with your hands and pick it up again immediately. I drop it and let it bounce a little too much. My time improved a bit from last time, though, when it took me 12:57.


Today was my third attempt at “Christine.” My first attempt was on my first day there, and my second was… dang, I can’t find it! I didn’t know its name was “Christine” when I first blogged it. Anyway, my time on my last attempt was about 14:30 I’m pretty sure. If we get under 10 minutes, we get a T-shirt.
Three rounds:
Row 500 meters
Bodyweight deadlift 12 reps
21 box jumps
I shaved some time off but am nowhere near getting a sub-10 shirt. My time was 12:57. I need to do the deadlifts faster, Dave suggested, by following the bar down as I drop it. I know I also need my 500-meter row to get faster. I think I rowed 1:55, 2:05, and about 2:08. Not bad but not going to get me that T-shirt.
Later I tried dead-hang pull-ups, after weeks of kipping them, and found I could do six; I rested for a few minutes and then did another six on the rings. It was hard not to kip because after getting used to it, it feels so natural to swing into the pull-ups.