I’ve had a few classes at CrossFit RE after taking five personal training sessions with BeckyJo. Personal training was great because I had a chance to get to know her a bit more and see how I would feel physically during and after fairly high intensity workouts. It let me vent some of the “here are all of my special needs” blather that I was attached to. Like a lot of people, I just have to get that stuff out of the way early on, and then once I know I’m considered to be a normal person who will fit in, I can forget all that stuff and focus on the workout and on getting to know the other people at the gym.

It’s interesting to be a newbie at someone else’s CrossFit gym. Just the fact that in personal training I had to process the usual insecurities: “What if there are so many doubleunders that I’m about to pee myself? What if we have to do the Filthy Fifty and I can’t get through fifty without it turning into a death march? What if I’m the last one to finish every WOD?” etc etc. These things are not important. I can modify anything I need to. I needed to be told that.

So I’ve been treating every WOD as a practice session. Do a round or a set, rest if I need to, hit the next one. I can focus on doing things well rather than fast. It’s fun and CrossFit still makes me feel great.

Kyle came over today and we did back squats in the garage. He’s been off a bit, so he stuck with me on the weight. I had a one-rep max recently of 220, so we went up to 85 percent today, three sets of five at 185. Then we had lunch. I really appreciate and am grateful for how he and lots of other people in my gym world have kept in touch with me. It’s just a little bit like having a local extended family. Not quite the same, but they are people I can call on for help with certain things, such as feedback on excerpts from my writing project. I’m working on a book on weight training for older women.

Recent stuff

I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’ve been working out and I re-took the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate course a couple of weeks ago. Erin N went with me and it was really fun! I still love CrossFit after 11 years and even after learning that not all of its precepts are strictly correct. It is fun, and it’s so interesting to see it as a system that has developed out of one person’s experimentation on a few clients.

This week I did some hard workouts. On Tuesday I deadlifted to a 3-rep max of 225. Technically my 3-rep max is higher, because I actually did 3 sets of 3. Before that I also had done several 30-second row sprints to see the fastest pace I could attain and how long I could keep it (1:41 and 6 seconds). After the deadlifts I did the day’s Tabata: row for calories, box jump, rings push-ups, barbell row.

Yesterday I didn’t do much, just went for a 40-minute walk to Martha Washington Park and stretched.

Today at 6:30 AM I did the day’s WOD with Carroll: run 800m, 40 6-inch target burpees, 20 box jump-overs, 3 rounds for time… in the time available (32:10), I got through two rounds, the run, and half the burpees. The time included a bathroom break. I used a 12-inch box. I had already planned to test this Saturday’s workout, and had not planned to do the WOD, so I went “easy” (it wasn’t easy).

The WOD coming up for Saturday is a barbell complex that I was afraid would be too hard, but scaled to a lighter weight it was no harder than other barbell WODs. So today I did two WODs. Tomorrow I get to sleep in.

Press, barbell complex WOD

Today: shoulder press trying to improve my calculated 1-rep max. I don’t think I improved it, because I didn’t get five reps. I finished with a set of 4 and then a set of 3 at 82 lbs. If I had gotten five reps unbroken I would have had a new 1-rep max. Oh well, maybe next week.

Workout of the day — from what we did in the gym yesterday:
6 deadlifts
4 power cleans
2 push jerks
10 toes to bar
10 minutes AMRAP with 75 lb bar

My toes to bar were just high knee raises some of the time. My first set of 10 was two “warm-up/cheater” knee raises followed by 8 strung-together toes to bar. It degenerated after that. With the barbell complex and that, in 10 minutes I got five rounds, 17 reps.

20150827_110702 20150827_113005

Front squat, burpee, KB swings

Today: Several sets of pistols on each side with weights up to 16 kg, in my Reeboks (very slight heel lift, which I can’t do pistols without).

Then, front squat to a set of 4 and a set of 2 at 170 lbs. This was hard and was based on my calculated 1-rep max from when I did three at 175 recently.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 burpees and kettlebell swings at 24 kg for time: 6:25. I worked hard on that.

CrossFit Games Open 15.1


15 toes to bar
10 deadlift 75 pounds
5 snatch 75 pounds
AMRAP 9 minutes followed instantly by
6 minutes to find a 1-rep max clean and jerk

Score is number of reps in the first part and what weight in the second part. I got 87 reps (not quite three full rounds) and then clean and jerked 125. I was really pleased with this in two ways: one, I strung together 10 toes to bar “the quick way” in a WOD for the first time ever, and two, that clean and jerk is only 15 lbs off my all time PR from years ago. I should try to work that up to at least body weight again.

I am tired!!

Catching up again

Thurs. Jan. 8
5 minutes AMRAP:
5 burpee
7 toes to bar (I did knee raises in order to practice stringing them together)
9 thrusters (Rx was 65 lbs, I used 55)
Rest 2 minutes, repeat for 3 rounds
I got 9 rounds 4 reps
2-1/2 hours later: back squat up to 200 lbs x 5, 5, 3.
Weds. Jan. 7
Bench press to 95 for 4 x 5
Tues. Jan. 6
Front squat to 150 for one set of 5. REALLY heavy. Immediately after I racked it, I wondered if I had hurt my back, right in the middle on each side — but that soon felt normal again and i was (am) just really fatigued from it. I was going to bench press today, but decided I’d done enough, especially since it was Tuesday, my longest work day, and I would have had to bench after 1:00 (quitting time).
Went to karate that night.
Sunday and Monday — nothing much.
Saturday Jan. 3 — karate.
What I remember from before that…
Tuesday, Dec. 30 — Back squat, testing 3-rep max, 225 x 3 for one set. This works out to a theoretical 1-rep max of 249 — so 225 for 3 is a PR. My actual 1-rep max this fall was 240.
Friday Dec. 26: “Fran” Rx in 6:28, far off my record, but nice people kindly complimented me on that being a fast time.
Dec. 20 — Twelve Days of CrossFit — my time was 35:43. We changed it this year so it wasn’t exactly the same as the last three or four we’ve done.
My last blog post here was on Dec. 14 and I know I worked out between then and the 20th… but I didn’t write them down.

Deadlift 1-rep max 232

Friday Dec. 12: 1-rep max deadlift. I did this along with my Fitness Within Reach class. I calculated my 1RM should be 232, and it was. I failed at 240 though I had to try it because I had time.

The WOD was, for time:

  • 800m run
  • 50 DB Snatches
  • 400m run
  • 35 DB Snatches
  • 250m run
  • 20 DB Snatches

This took me over 17 minutes  and made me feel like I was going to lose bladder control, throw up, and have a heart attack. Guess I need to get back in shape! The time includes a bathroom break — I could not face the second run without it. This may be the first time I’ve ever taken a bathroom break during a workout. Also: I ran way too far on the first run. I thought I knew the turn-around point, but someone else had figured it out and told it to me, and I obviously had it wrong. Two very good-natured women ran it with me and didn’t complain too much! Whoops!

Saturday Dec. 13: 1-rep max front squat. I hit 170 and felt good about it. That’s 15 pounds off my all time record. Then we had a team workout. I was part of a trio. Together we did 150 sit-ups, doubleunders, lunge steps, push-ups, and squats. I can’t remember our time, but we had fun. Susie and I were “one person” and the other was Hannah the college student.

Our gym Christmas party was last night. As always, it was very fun and relaxing to hang out with everyone in Teresa’s beautiful house.

Today I stayed home and practiced the Pinan Nidan and the Matsukaze katas.

Press, squats, WODs

Yesterday, Tuesday Dec. 9: shoulder press. People were testing their 1-rep max, so I decided to do the same, even though only the day before the press did not go so well. Yesterday was better and I pressed 1 at 85 lbs. My right shoulder has something wrong with it.

The workout yesterday was 5 rounds of 2-minute intervals, with 1 minute rest in between: AMRAP 5 power snatch, 10 overhead lunges, 5 power snatch, 10 thrusters. I used 55 lbs and got three rounds plus three reps. The lunges were by far the hardest part. It felt good to work out after being sort of brittle and out of sorts the prior week. Then last night I went to karate class. I love classes where we do tons of kicks because it loosens up my hip muscles and my low back so much. Feels great.

Today I did the WOD first — 30 doubleunders + max effort pull-ups, rest same amount of time as the work took, 5 rounds. My first round, I got 16 pull-ups (kips) and the whole first round took me 54 seconds. I finished with a total of 45 pull-ups. Afterward I had a little time left for back squats and got up to 2 x 5 at 160.

All about today.

Today I arrived at the gym at 5:20 AM, in the dark, looking around carefully for any lurkers as I crossed the parking lot and came down the stairs. In the gym I quickly planned how I’d warm up my classes for the front squat. I made some coffee and had a coconut-date snack and turned on the music. People arrived.

I taught three CrossFit classes, eating a bit of jerky and/or a date snack as discreetly as I could during each hour’s WOD. At 8:30 when the third class was over, I planned my 9:30 AM Fitness Within Reach class and my 10:30 AM personal training session with Amy.

I ate some more jerky and had my second mug of coffee. I often intend to work out at that time, and sometimes I do it, but as an introvert I’m tired after teaching three hours in a row and having more coming right up. So, often I snack and do office work ot surf the internet instead. The 9:30 class went smoothly. I love the Fitness Within Reach class because the trainees find their newfound strength so rewarding. The personal training session was good too — my client was deadlifting today and she has less anxiety about that than about squats. I appreciate her because she supports what I do, and she always thanks me and says the class was fun.

She left just before 11:30, so I had just over half an hour to warm up and work out. The CrossFit classes were doing front squats today. I did cleans yesterday and had limited time so I skipped lifting — I usually don’t skip it — and did the WOD only: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 each of pushpresses (65 lbs) and toes to bar. I did this “Rx” in … 8:48? I can’t believe I can’t remember my time.

Then the noon class arrived, two guys. We were all chatty and it was a fun class. They squatted heavy and well, worked hard in the WOD, and left happy. One of the two will be in for my Thanksgiving Day workouts and one will not.

I listened to voicemail, fixed a concern with someone’s account, cleaned up my dishes, vacuumed, and left for the grocery store to get ready for Thanksgiving.