Fight Gone Bad

I went with Maureen to CrossFit Seattle for a workout for the first time in a really, really long time. They were having Fight Gone Bad and a barbecue. The have so much space they were able to set up ten or more lanes. Everyone started on wallball and finished on rowing. It would be nice to be able to organize it that way!

Wallball (12#): 26, 23, 21
KB swing (16 kg): 28, 25, 22
Box jump (20″): 16, 14, 13
Pushpress (25 kg): 15, 11, 14
Row (calories): 13, 11, 13
Total 265 … about the same as always! If I’d done sumo deadlift highpulls instead of swings, and/or used the 24 kg kettlelbell that I believe is normally Rx for women (I forgot this at the time), I would have scored a few lower, I think. That’s what happened in June 2011. Here are all Fight Gone Bad posts back to April 2005

Fight Gone Bad Plus


10 pull-ups
20 lunge steps
10 toes to bar
5 rounds
13 minutes approx.

Later was drafted into Fight Gone Bad in order to have an even number of people. I love working out with my clients. My score was 244. Sumo DL HP 53 lbs. Push-press 55 lbs. Wallball 12 lbs.

Fight Gone Long

I went to the Dallas area to visit a friend. We visited the nearest CrossFit gym, the very large new CrossFit FX TX (Hey! that’s my photo on the home page–with the donkey–“two asses!” ha ha), and met Dylan and Dustin Gautreaux, co-owners. The workout of the day was Fight Gone Bad. Dylan said, “We don’t bother with that three-round stuff; we’re going five.” Whoa! Everything’s bigger in Texas! And besides that, I was the only person who showed up for class at 10 on a Friday morning, so I would fight on my own, timed (but reps not recorded) by a trainer named Blake. Results:
The aftermath:
That’s Dylan on the left and my friend Cathy on the right.

Fight Gone Badly and more

I worked out four times this week. Elizabeth in the basement; Fight Gone Bad on Thursday; Back squats and calisthenics on Friday; and heavy kettlebell swings and jumprope on Saturday morning.

My Fight Gone Bad scores are down from last time:
Wallball, 12 lbs: 30, 24, 21
Sumo deadlift highpull, 2 x 12 kg kettlebells: 23, 17, 15 (down a little)
Box jumps on our higher box: 17, 13, 13 (this one was WAY down)
Pushpress, 25 kg barbell: 15, 13, 11 (also way down)
Row for calories: 12, 10, 10

On Saturday morning we had two attempts to do as many heavy kettlebell swings as we could without stopping. I did 52 and 26 swings with a 24-kg weight. One of our very fit women clients did 121 swings with the same weight – so impressive! I have to work on my conditioning, clearly, considering those FGB scores and KB swings. Oh… and I need to work on ring dips for a better Elizabeth time next time. I suppose any day I don’t work out in the gym I should do max kettlebell swings and several max sets of ring dips in the basement. There is always so much to work on!

Fight Gone Crazy

The gym had a barbecue last Friday night after lots and lots of people ran through Fight Gone Bad. My score was 276 278. This score was fine with me–the middle of the range I’ve scored in the past five or so times I’ve done FGB. My CrossFit workouts have been sporadic lately and mixed in with weightlifting and bike rides and a few runs. So I’m glad to see I haven’t lost tons of conditioning.

Individual exercise scores in rounds 1, 2, and 3:
Wallball (12 lbs): 30, 22, 22
Sumo HP DL (24-kg kettlebell): 25, 19, 16
Box jump: 25, 17, 18
Pushpress (24-kg barbell): 20, 14, 19
Row (calories): 13, 10, 8

Fight Gone Bad

Monday night I almost didn’t go to the gym. I spent all day feeling vaguely crummy and fatigued, and I thought maybe I was about to get a migraine. Went to the gym after all and did Fight Gone Bad for the third time. We paired up to count reps for each other, which made the transitions faster between exercises. I scored my highest, but I used a really light wallball and a lighter deadlift and push-press than last time. I was no less exhausted at the end, because the lighter weights allowed me to burn out on more reps. You can’t win the fight gone bad!
Each time I’ve done that workout I’ve used different weights for all three of the weighted exercises:
April 19:
Wallball 12 lb, score 61
Pushpress 55 lb, score unknown
HP DL 53-lb kettlebell, score 47
Rowing: (no weights) score 45 (if I remembered correctly)
Box-jumps: (no weights) score unknown
Total workout score: 254
June 19:
Wallball 20 lb, score 47
Pushpress 75 lb, score 26
DL 75 lb, score 52 (score is higher than on June 27 because we deadlifted without high-pulling)
Rowing: calorie score 23
Box-jumps: score 78
Total workout score: 226
June 27:
Wallball 6 lb, score 82
Pushpress 65 lb, score 43
HP DL 55 lb, score 48
Rowing: calorie score 31
Box-jumps: score 80
Total workout score: 284

Fight Gone Good

Today we had a great time with Fight Gone Bad: my second go with this one (my other time was in April), and Tom’s first. I’ve decided to put each named workout into its own category, so they’ll appear on the righthand side of the blog and I can quickly find and compare them.
Today I used a 20-pound wall ball compared to last time’s 12-pound ball; deadlifted 75 pounds vs last time’s 53; and push-pressed 75 pounds vs last time’s 55. In other words, I made three of the five exercises a lot more difficult. My overall total reps were 226 compared to 254 in April. Tom scored 254 today.
I scored a lot higher on rowing for calories in April, almost twice as high. It was because there were only two of us working out, we had the rowers right next to the push-press rack, and Scott was right there to help us get our feet in the rowers for a fast start.
Anyway, it’s a great workout. Tom and I had biked up to the gym, so on top of that we had a 17-mile bike ride round trip. It was sunny and perfect today. We stopped on the way home to dangle our feet off the canoe dock at UW.

Fight Gone Bad

Tonight I showed up at CrossFit and three or four guys were working out with Scott as their coach. He was holding a clipboard and pen, and was carefully looking at his stopwatch. They were doing Fight Gone Bad. One guy was struggling with his last round of push-presses. He’s a really tough guy who always comes in and climbs the rope without using his feet, so seeing him in pain made me nervous! But I was psyched to do this workout, as I never had done it yet, and I like its name. (Something to do with UFC fights having five-minute rounds. But there’s no fighting in this workout, except fighting the urge to go lie down.)
The way it works is you do five exercises NONSTOP for one minute each. The coach calls time, you call out your reps, and you instantly move to the next station without a rest. When you get through a minute of all five, you get a minute rest and then start over. We went through this three times. The exercises are:
Row for calories
Wall-ball – 20 pound ball, 8-ft target (I used a 12-pound ball)
Deadlift high-pull 75 pounds (I used a 53-pound kettlebell)
Box Jump – 20” box (jump up, step down, jump up, step down, etc)
Push-press 75 pounds (I used 55 pounds)
I found the push-presses to be the hardest. By the time I got to them for the first time, I was already shot from everything else. Overall, this workout is particularly brutal because you’re really under pressure not to take breaks. All of our workouts are designed to be really hard, but it’s rare a coach will prod you to keep going when you’re gasping and leaning your hands on your knees. In Fight Gone Bad you have to wait for your break. Still, I slowed down and took short breaks in some of the exercises.
Some of my scores were: rowing, 17, 15, 13 calories; wall-ball, 25, 19, 17 I think; high-pull deadlift, maybe 19, 16, 12; box jump, I forget completely; push-press, I forget also. Anyway, my total score was 254. I was surprised and happy with that, having assumed I’d score 150 or something. (Maybe Scott made a math mistake?) The guy who worked out with me, Justin, scored 301! He’s tough.
Fight Gone Bad video (Real Media; big file; good video though) and description