Catching up again

Thurs. Jan. 8
5 minutes AMRAP:
5 burpee
7 toes to bar (I did knee raises in order to practice stringing them together)
9 thrusters (Rx was 65 lbs, I used 55)
Rest 2 minutes, repeat for 3 rounds
I got 9 rounds 4 reps
2-1/2 hours later: back squat up to 200 lbs x 5, 5, 3.
Weds. Jan. 7
Bench press to 95 for 4 x 5
Tues. Jan. 6
Front squat to 150 for one set of 5. REALLY heavy. Immediately after I racked it, I wondered if I had hurt my back, right in the middle on each side — but that soon felt normal again and i was (am) just really fatigued from it. I was going to bench press today, but decided I’d done enough, especially since it was Tuesday, my longest work day, and I would have had to bench after 1:00 (quitting time).
Went to karate that night.
Sunday and Monday — nothing much.
Saturday Jan. 3 — karate.
What I remember from before that…
Tuesday, Dec. 30 — Back squat, testing 3-rep max, 225 x 3 for one set. This works out to a theoretical 1-rep max of 249 — so 225 for 3 is a PR. My actual 1-rep max this fall was 240.
Friday Dec. 26: “Fran” Rx in 6:28, far off my record, but nice people kindly complimented me on that being a fast time.
Dec. 20 — Twelve Days of CrossFit — my time was 35:43. We changed it this year so it wasn’t exactly the same as the last three or four we’ve done.
My last blog post here was on Dec. 14 and I know I worked out between then and the 20th… but I didn’t write them down.

Catching up

Last Saturday, 6:30 AM: Our Twelve Days version, 34:29. I’m one of the slower people among the ones who don’t really use modifications. I love watching everybody else and just grinding through it and I don’t see any reason to push for speed — despite the fact that that’s what CrossFit is all about!

I got really stressed out with party and holiday prep and pretty much blew my stack for the second time this season. The next days after a big stress-out I feel like I have a hangover from some sort of poison, which I guess is true, in the form of too much stress hormone for too long a time. My behavior since then has reminded me of late grade school, like 6th, 7th, 8th grade, when I never did a single thing that wasn’t required. I was so protective and withdrawn that I wouldn’t do anything extracurricular or take honors classes; all I did was sit at home and read or draw or listen to records. It was because of stress and anxiety that I now understand. At the time all I knew was that being at home was safe and comfortable.

This week, with the stress and anxiety, I didn’t work out until today or even do any light barbell practice, let alone anything heavy or intense. I did go to karate but I had to make myself because I didn’t want to. When I have a lot of anxiety all I want to do is sit and read, maybe take a short nap, or if appropriate, go to sleep and sleep in. It feels very withdrawn, though I suppose those are healthy ways to relax. I unfortunately also eat to relax sometimes. I don’t eat bad-for-me stuff, but at those times I eat too much of things I should only have a little of. I have to remind myself that my diet, sleep, and health are excellent over all and that there is no such thing as perfect. I’m not about to slide back into the thoughtless eating of many years ago. Still I wish I could gain some sort of perspective into my true needs at the time, so that I would not stuff my face!

Today, inertia made me not want to work out, but it was high time, so I did “Fran” and had a decent time of 5:34. Then I did a few sets of back squats up to only 145 and was out of time before class.

Update: I did “Fran” again that evening with a class. I used the 45 lb bar and finished in 4:23.


“Fran” and catch-up

Today: Back squats up to 3 x 5 at 175.

Monday, July 15:
“Fran” by myself, Rx, 5:24, not a PR. Later the same day I did our gym WOD: AMRAP 12 minutes, 3 wall walks, 30 walking lunge steps, 10 v-ups (“Booty Maker”). I got almost 6 rounds. That day and the next, I also played around a lot on our new climbing rope and practiced toes to bar on the pull-up bars. Today is Thursday and I did some heavy squats, but my back was still tired from Monday.

July 11:
7 rounds for time of 10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, run 250m. I did this with Susan S at 6:30 PM. My time was 18:24.

“Fran” PR

Last Wednesday, 7/25: Deadlift up to 10 at 175. Later: “Fran” Rx (65 lbs and butterfly kips), 4:43.  “Fran” times in 2011 were in the 6:20ish range. All time best Fran before last week was at CrossFit Seattle in March 2008, 5:34.

What made me faster, I think: being able to do butterfly kips; and the pull-up ladders I’ve been doing recently with a lot of my classes. Ladders of small numbers of strict pull-ups have helped my strength but, maybe more importantly for “Fran,” they seem to have helped my grip. I felt pretty well attached to the bar. I was surprised when I finished and looked at the clock.

Deadlift and “Fran”

Today: “Fran,” 12-15-9 thrusters (65 lbs) and pull-ups (butterfly), time 6:22

Deadlift up to 8 at 200 lbs. If the calculated 1-rep max means anything (254 lbs), I’m very close to my all time PR. I’ll do next week’s squat and deadlift workouts and then when I’m recovered after that, I’ll try to lift 260 once. My old blog entries show 115 kg and 255 lbs as my heaviest deadlifts so I’d like to exceed 255. If I get 260 that will be twice my weight as it is now.

“Fran” scaled back

I ate a few wheat-containing foods last night and had a migraine today. Maybe a coincidence, no way to tell. I took my prescription Maxalt and felt out of it the rest of the day. With my 6:30 class of one person, I did a scaled back “Fran” with 45 lb thrusters and jumping, chest-to-bar pull-ups. Time: 4:39. I felt I could not handle a struggle with the “real” Fran.

Also because of trying to rehab my tight, impinged shoulders, which are so much better these days after PT and special exercises, I’m still hesitant to do a whole bunch of kipping pull-ups. The push away from the bar and the stabilizing that is involved used to aggravate the shoulder problems so I’m only doing a few at a time these days.

Fran-style modified workout

Scott had his class do “Fran” tonight–21, 15, 9 reps each of thrusters and pull-ups. I didn’t want to do a lot of kipping pull-ups and risk re-aggravating my elbow tendonitis, so Scott had me substitute V-ups. I just used a 45-pound bar for the thrusters. I finished the workout in 3:11 and felt a little bit like I was going to throw up. It was great! I haven’t been doing enough CrossFit lately because of the combination of the elbow problem and the fact that in the evenings, when I used to do CrossFit, I’m now training people.

My elbow is slowly getting better. About half the time it doesn’t hurt at all, and half the time it’s mildly symptomatic. I’m seeing and following the advise of the therapists at Integrated Manual Therapies in Shoreline.


I had a client cancel last night so I jumped into a workout class five minutes into the warm-up. We did overhead squats for a while; I got up to 35 kg (not my max). Then it turned out we were going to do “Fran.” My time this time: 6:18.