I went to CrossFit Seattle last Friday just for fun and it turned out they were doing “Jackie. ” We all used empty barbells, so mine was 33, and my time was 9:14. I felt the mid-back pain from 9/7 during the thrusters, on the descent.

We also worked the shoulder press in that class, but we were using kilos and moving pretty fast so I don’t remember what my heaviest set was. Something like 65 lbs I think.

Sub 10

Today’s Suffer on Saturday workout was “Jackie.”
Row 1000 meters
50 thrusters (45-pound barbell for women, 65 pounds for men)
30 pull-ups
It’s one of the benchmark workouts, though this one only for women, in which you win a Sub 10 T-shirt if you finish in under 10 minutes. There are two or three other T-shirt-qualifying workouts–“Christine” and “Helen” are two of them–and I’m not sure why only women get a T-shirt for this one. I finished in 9:42 and was happy to wear my T-shirt afterwards.