Kettlebells and front squats

Today: front squats up to 3 x 175 lbs. (Calc. 1-rep max: 192. Hmmm.)
with a 16 kg kettlebell for time
10 snatch right, 10 left
8 right, 8 left
6 right, 6 left
4 right, 4 left
2 right, 2 left
10 cleans right, 10 left
8 right, 8 left
6 right, 6 left
4 right, 4 left
2 right, 2 left
10 swings right, 10 left
8 right, 8 left
6 right, 6 left
4 right, 4 left
2 right, 2 left
My time was 7:43. Fun workout. Kettlebells are still one of my favorite workout tools.

I did the 12 Days (our version) on Wednesday and was very slow! 34:57 I think. There was a lot of stopping due to the crowded room and wanting to help other people. It’s a fun workout. My left palm had barely healed from a week earlier when it tore during an AMRAP WOD that had many sets of 5 pull-ups. I feel like a fool when my hands tear. The least I could do is remember to file them to try to prevent it. Some people wear gloves for pull-ups, and in my opinion that’s a silly combination of fussy and wimpy, but since I occasionally tear my palm I can’t rationally argue against it. For sure we could all use a stronger grip.

Kettlebell workout

Yesterday: 5 KB snatch per side, 5 push-ups, AMRAP 10 minutes.

I started with a 12 kg kettlebell to try to make sure snatches didn’t make my injured hamstring feel worse. They didn’t, so I switched to a 16 kg. I did my push-ups on dumbbells to get down lower than normal. I did 11 rounds and something like five extra reps. I rested a bit between rounds to check in with the hamstring, so I know if I pushed I could get 12 rounds. Hopefully next time.

The hamstring doesn’t hurt a lot, but it aches a little when I rest and over all it feels compromised. When I do leg swings it feels very tight in that spot so I can’t move it through the same range as the other leg.

I’m supposed to do three benchmark workouts for the paleo challenge that started yesterday. It’s hard for me to wait on them, but I will do them at the last minute.

Kettlebells and sprints

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
kettlebell swings
goblet squat
Turkish get-up sit-ups (up onto the hand)

I used a 16-kg kettlebell for everything, so the sit-ups took me forever. Time: 20:01. I hope Carla, Susan, or Heather will come in this afternoon and smoke my time using the same weight.

Tomorrow I’m going to Chicago to see my dad for probably the last time. I’ll spend two days, with a day of travel on both ends.

Snatch and jump rope

Today: AMRAP 10 minutes, 16-kg kettlebell snatch x 20 and 20 double-unders. I got 6+ rounds.

Yesterday I did a workout from last week that I had skipped:
10 renegade rows (push-up with a dumbbell row on each side)
Run 250m
AMRAP 20 minutes
I got 6 rounds using 20-lb dumbbells.

I felt like I was super slow, but looking at the whiteboard photo on Facebook from that day, I see that only guys used 20 lbs and I missed their number of rounds by one or two rounds — not by half, as I thought when I tried to remember what people had done. I really, really hate renegade rows! (A/K/A manmakers.)

Food diary 1/19/2012

9:15 AM: black coffee. Ground lamb with 2 eggs, spinach, a little kombucha store bought.
2:15 PM: Caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks. Sardines, apple, macadamias.
7:30 PM: .63 lb salmon fillet, 1-2 cups pureed turnips with butter that Tom made. White wine.

10:30 AM: Walked to gym with Tom in icy snow. Tense!

4 PM:
Pistols practice up to 24 kg x 1 per side in WL shoes. Then: AMRAP 20 minutes
5 KB swings (24 kg)
7 KB cleans on 1 side (16 kg)
10 KB deadlifts (24 kg)
I got 14+ rounds. So tired!

Food diary 1/16/2012

10 AM: black coffee
1 PM: ground lamb with 3 eggs and a bunch of spinach, kombucha, apple, a few almonds (1 almond per large bite of apple)
9 PM: .4 lb grass-fed steak from Madison Market, sauteed chard and collards (market was out of kale and lots of other things because of “the snow scare”). Kombucha.


Lots of Turkish get-ups (12 kg) mixed in with double and single floor presses and RKC arm bar stretch. “SoMo,” rx, 8:46. More TGU and floor press with my classes. Tired / more tired after yesterday’s front squats.

Cleans, snatches, box jumps

Today I worked on cleans for a while, after working on them yesterday in Jules’s class. I’ve cleaned and jerked 135 once before, but I’m reliable on cleans and jerks up to about 118, which I did today, using split jerks with right foot forward.

Seven of us from the gym ran the Dirty Dash mud run on Saturday, about four miles of trail and mud with obstacles: at least five walls to climb over, things to crawl under and through, ladders, piles of tires, ups and downs. I cranked my right foot a little bit right at the finish, similar to on Dec. 23 last year, but it has not turned out to be as bad a setback as I was afraid it would be.

So today I worked out in Sabrina’s class with front squats up to 5 at 85% of 1 RM. I lifted 5 at 163. Then we did an ascending ladder of KB snatch and box jump: one of each, two of each, etc. for 10 minutes. I got up to 13 of both things plus 14 snatches. I liked that workout and I love working out in a group!! And having our own gym!



Back squat up to 160. It was supposed to be up to only 60% of 1-rep max, but I was sharing a rack with two males and wanted to squat the same as they did.

EMOTM 16 minutes:
5 1-hand swing;
5  highpull (this means the 1-hand swing with the snatch pull at the top but no snatch);
5 snatch

with a 16 kg kettlebell. Barely managed not to actually tear my hands; they were slightly sore/abraded the next day but nothing really bad.


Deadlift up to 135 (60% of max), then
EMOTM 10 minutes
5 power clean (75 lbs)
10 push-ups.
My push-ups quickly went down to about 7 or 8 or 6 by the end — we all made a point of taking the 20 seconds rest before the next minute even if we weren’t finished.




5 kettlebell swings 24 kg
5 pull-ups
5 sumo deadlift highpull 24 kg
5 kettlebell overhead press 1 side per round, 12 kg
10 rounds for time: 11:31


Row 500m
80m Sled drag 80 lbs on sled (100 # total)
80m Plate carry 35 lbs overhead
20 pull-ups
20 sit-ups
Row 500m
20 dumbbell thrusters (25 lbs, 2 DBs)
20 1-hand KB swings 16 kg
80m plate carry
80m sled drag
Row 300m
This is the same workout I had my personal training client do earlier in the day, although he is a big guy and went heavier than this.