Today: Run 400m, 15 overhead squats supposed to be 65 pounds, five rounds. I used 35 pounds and finished in 15:51. Last time I used 65 pounds and finished in 17:41. I went light today because I was tired from what I did yesterday:

Deadlift at noon up to 5 x 205 and then 1 x 210; deadlift again at 5:30 up to 1 x 205. Plus at least two pull-up ladders and lots of failed muscle-up attempts.

Today I did weighted pull-ups up to 1 x 53 lbs. Also did a bunch of pull-up styles, like chin-ups, alternating grip, kips, and butterfly. I used these for my skill part of my classes today.


It’s a beautiful day! I skipped both “Kelly” and “Helen” last week, so today I knew I could not hide from this workout that has a bunch of running in it. Five rounds, 400m run and 15 overhead squats at 65 pounds.

Dana and Roz were here, two fun/energetic/hardworking people to try to keep up with, so I was excited to do it,  but still as always I made up my mind that I was just going to do it all and not care how long it took. I just don’t have the “push” that someone like Dana has, and I don’t usually look up my old workout times to try to beat them. I did my first, fourth, and fifth round of overhead squats unbroken, kept up a steady jog on the runs, and finished in 17:21. Not fast but felt great!