Sunday bench press, sprint, pull-up

Yesterday: bench press to 5 x 5 at 100 lbs. I didn’t go up in weight from last week, but in number of sets. I want 100 to feel really solid and controlled before I add. After I bench press I always do a few sets of ring-rows and pull-ups. Yesterday it was 5 sets of 1 sprint ~100 meters then five pull-ups. I added weight each set of pull-ups. Today I’m a little sore from yesterday’s workout in both my upper and lower body.


Bike ride, rolls, back squats

Today: back squats up to 3 sets of 5 at 175. I had not back squatted for at least a month with the hamstring problem. The problem seems to be gone as long as I do some lacrosse ball on the piriformis every day to keep it loose.

Yesterday: bike ride through south Seattle, from our house via Beacon Hill to Columbian Way and southeastward. I think the farthest south I got was about Rainier and S. Kenyon St. We’ve had such good weather for such a long time, I wish I could go for a long bike ride every day!

I stopped and practiced two types of parkour rolls from two videos I watched–the thread-the-needle roll where you reach under the body and roll onto the shoulder, and the diamond hands one where you put the hands on the ground in a diamond shape and brace against the ground as the shoulder rolls onto the ground. The diamond one works way better for me and I can now do it on both sides.

Prior to that my last workout was last Monday night, jerks from the rack, up to 105 lbs. Later that week I had a cold for a few days.

Catching up

Today with Kyle’s class: shoulder press up to 87 x 3 (calc. 1RM then is 96). Then:
400m run
21 wallball 14 lbs
15 KB swings 16 kg
400m run
15 wallball
9 KB swings
400m run
9 wallball
6 KB swings
Time: 9:38 Then I did a ladder of 12 kg weighted pull-ups that ended up being: 1-2-3-2-2-2-2-2, followed by a bunch of informal balance work, walking on the parallettes (fun!) and the boards, and doing handstands.

Yesterday (Sunday): 75 snatches for time, 30 lbs. This was the scaled version of one of the Lurong Challenge benchmark WODs. Time: 5:51.

Saturday: MovNat, two hours of crawling, moving around on the ground in many ways, balancing on stuff, jumping, carrying, climbing. Tired!

Friday: Lurong WOD, scaled. 5 rounds for time of 20 burpees and 20 KB swings (12 kg). Time: 14:04. Immediately afterwards, with my noon client: Ascending ladder reps of wallball 12# and sit-ups. How high do the pair get in 12 minutes? We got 15 full rounds of both exercises each, plus one rep into the next round. This was fun. We traded off exercises; I did one thing while she did the other.

Thursday: 3 rounds for time
20 DB snatch alternating arms, 20# (too light, oops)
20 sit-ups
Run 400m
Time: 11:32
I was worried about the hamstring so I snatched light and ran slow. Well, I always run pretty slow I guess.

Wednesday: EMOTM 10 minutes 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats, max double-unders. Double-unders go until the next minute starts, so there’s no rest. I was tired and ended up quickly switching to jumping pull-ups and doing 5 reps of each of the three things, then getting about 18-20 doubleunders. This workout was very humbling!

Tuesday: “Christine” the scaled Lurong Challenge version:
Row 500m
12 half bodyweight deadlifts (65 lbs)
21 box jumps 12 inches
Time: 11:47

Barbells today

I practiced bench pressing in order to review for a personal training session! I love the bench press, but I hardly ever do it since I don’t normally have anyone to spot me. Today I thought, don’t be silly, just bench a little bit and you can do without a spotter… so I got up to only 65 lbs. Two sets of five then a set of 8. I alternated those with front squats up to 2 sets of 8 at 140. Next time 145.

Unplanned, I jumped into today’s WOD with my noon class.
10 clean and press (I used a 45 lb barbell)
10 double-unders
AMRAP 10 minutes
I got 7 rounds. Would have gotten more but I didn’t start right at the start of the 10 minutes, and I stopped a few times to check on somebody. My shoulders feel great.

Saturday I worked on muscle-up attempts a little bit. I had learned I need to keep my chin way tucked, and then Tom pointed out that I also need to pull up at an angle in order to pivot forward. I’ll keep trying. Yesterday we went to Discovery Park and did a bunch of jumps onto log barriers, log rails, bench backs, drift logs… Jumping around, lunging, stretching, etc. makes going for a walk in the park feel so much better than just walking.

Dips, kettlebell swings, hollowrocks

Yesterday we worked on holding the top and bottom of a dip on bars and rings and a little bit on how to kip up out of the bottom by lifting your knees and kicking down. The workout was: 15 KB swings, 10 hollowrocks, 5 full-range dips using whatever mods you needed, 12 rounds for time. My time was 17:37 with 16 kg and unassisted dips on rings or bars. I practiced the kip technique.

On Tuesday I went for a 2+ hour bike ride down through Beacon Hill. I went through the neighborhood I “discovered” last year in May, with the houses at the foot of the forested hill. There was a big lot on a corner, overlooking I-5 into Georgetown, that had an ancient house on it, and now it was gone, replaced with new townhomes and a backhoe. Anyway it was a great bike ride in the sun.

MovNat 1-day Seattle workshop

Sunday Tom and I and Kyle and Sabrina and a bunch of other people spent all day at Lincoln Park with Brian from MovNat. It was so fun and so tiring! I slept harder the next two nights than I had in a long time. I learned two new ways to get on top of a pull-up bar, got my bar muscle-up back, learned a breathing technique to help with balancing on a log or fence on two feet or all fours, and learned a technique to reduce dizziness from forward rolls. Here’s a summary/list we all made up afterward:

1) Moved around the wet grass with our eyes closed. Bound across sidewalk as if it’s hot. Creep through a low cave, then a narrow passage. Step over fences and stalagmites.
2) Jumping: broad jumps, sideways jumps, jump off one foot onto both feet, jump across midline and away from midline. We usually had a small target we wanted to land on (such as a particular patch of dandelion).
3) Balance on logs. Standing, walking, walking backwards, crouching for balance (keep your arms down), pivoting to go the other way. Diaphragm breathe. Later we tried balance-walking on the rail fence.
4) Deadlift logs. Clean one end of it up. Shoulder carry with its center of gravity slightly behind you.
5) Deadlift rocks. Lap it and get it where you want it so you can stand up with it or shoulder it.
6) Climbing. Pull-up bar: Forearm active shoulder; push up above bar; leg-hook method also with forearms on bar, then up; hip-over; talked about muscle-up but did not do them with the instructor
7) Pole climb. Keep feet above hips. Walk hands up, then feet.
8) Ground work; pivots including “mermaid” or “shin box,” lunges, rolls forward and back. Back rolls started stationary both prone and supine. In-line kneeling lunge as balance practice. Brian’s teacup-ride roll (around in an expanding circle in a happy-baby position)
8.5) Crawling sequence: start with hands and knees crawl to establish contralateral movement. Then toes underneath and knees off the gound (bear crawl – for uphill but try it downhill). Next, crawl on forearms instead of hands. Low crawl with knees out. Lower crawl sideways (?). Drag the legs with the upper body, reaching arms forward. Crab walk (for downhill, but try it uphill). Shrimping. Do all of them forward and backward. Crawl tag drill.
9) Rescue drag and fireman carry
10) Barefoot running
11) Combo. Carry your partner one way, she/he carries you other way. Both bearcrawl one way and backwards crawl the other way. Both do 3 forward rolls, run around the tree and to the finish line.


Monday: Shoulder press up to two sets of 5 at 70. This is so weak! Still trying to learn Rip’s new method. I’ll stick with it and go up two pounds at a time.

Then: AMRAP 3 minutes, rest 1 minute, 5 rounds:
3 deadlift (140#), 6 push-up, 9 air squats. I got through 18 and a half rounds. Hurt my left low back slightly from the deadlift. By mid-afternoon Tuesday it wasn’t bothering me. I’m not ready to DL or kettlebell swing yet, though.

Tuesday: Handstand practice. Then “Annie,” Rx, 8:51. All double-unders unbroken; slow on sit-ups!

On Sunday I suggested to Tom that we go for a walk on the lakeshore. We ended up walking over six miles — from a bit south of I-90 to the Seward Park tennis court area and back. Those two black ducks are still there. I now think they are permanent residents. On Monday my legs were tired and my hams slightly sore from that long walk.

Arboretum run

Today: 4+ mile run-walk-run in the arboretum. I got lost! I love Seattle because I can still get lost on foot in areas I thought I had memorized after 14 years here. I also climbed up on top of a couple of tree limbs along the way and walked on some slippery balance beams (gravel-walk retainers that were wet and algae covered). I started in the farthest northeast parking lot and went northeast as far as possible. I got lost by taking a different return trail and was surprised when I popped out by MOHAI. I had to retrace my steps. Then I explored the part of the arboretum that’s west of Lake Washington Blvd.

Last Monday in Jules’s weightlifting class, I reprised my 100 lb. power snatch from months ago. Power snatch because I can’t overhead squat 100 lbs well. (My butt is writing checks my core can’t cash.)

The previous Monday I set a clean and jerk PR of 140 lbs. This wouldn’t have counted in a competition because of a slight press-out. I couldn’t do it a second time.  I’m working on using my legs better when initiating the jerk–per Jules’s coaching–and I know I’ll get a good 140 jerk soon.

Playing in the park

We met several of our clients and our trainer Lovoka at Genesee park last Sunday morning. We ran barefoot, did balance beam mounts and jumps and pistols, tried skin-the-cats on the playground gear, did pull-ups, and did a workout involving broad jumps uphill, downhill push-ups, tree pull-ups, and sprints. It was really fun and a nice sunny day.

CrossFit, swimming, etc.

Labor Day weekend was great. I worked out with Tom’s class on Saturday morning. AMRAP 18 minutes of 10 hang power cleans (65 lbs), 15 wallball (20 lbs). I finished two wallballs shy of 7 rounds. Then I went straight to the beach on the scooter and went swimming, near Madrona, at a little gravel “dog beach.” There was a little chop but I had a great time in the water. The previous day, Friday morning, I had gone to REI and bought a wetsuit and tried it out at my favorite Seward Park spot, the kayak launch on the south side of the park. I swam farther that morning without stopping than I had before. The wetsuit built my confidence and I swam parallel to shore between two obvious landmarks a few times. On Saturday I didn’t have any breakthroughs except that I really enjoyed it despite the little bit of choppiness.

Sunday I rode my bike to Seward and swam (no wetsuit) where the triathletes go, on the north side east of the beach. The water was almost as calm as a pool. I had a breakthrough that time–I swam 7, then 10, then 12 breaths’ distance straight out from shore without panicking. It was great to be so far out, unsupported, and know I could get back without getting anxious.

Monday Tom and I went for a really great hike to Cascade Pass and partway on toward Sahale Arm, just far enough to look straight down on emerald-green Doubtful Lake. Loved it! The air was so clear that day.

Then yesterday, Tuesday, I went swimming with Liz M. at Seward in our wetsuits. A little chop, no breakthroughs, but it was fun. We didn’t need the wetsuits at all because the water is so warm, but wanted to practice with them. (I got mine on backwards on the first try.)