Hip mobility
Shoulder mobility
Skin the cat x 5 attempts
Balance: elevation changes (walk to crouch to crawl and back) x 10 minutes
Parkour rolls x 5 per side (still using two mats in a big square, because I’m still not ready to work on accuracy! Just on which way to roll and where to put my head!)
Skin the cat x 5 attempts
Jump off box and roll x 5 per side (which shoulder to roll on)
Shoulder press (fatigued from this and the HSPUs recently; shoulder press wasn’t very productive today)

Also I showed Tom and George my handstand push-up without using the super wide stance; I was able to go down to one AbMat. When my shoulders and arms aren’t sore any more, I’ll try no AbMats with the less-wide stance. I think I can do it. Tom reminded me that often the super wide stance isn’t allowed.

My PK rolls are still so tentative! I do not worry about direction/accuracy because it’s still all I can manage to think “look over the opposite shoulder than the one you’re going to roll on,” and to remember that I’m to roll over the same shoulder as the forward foot. I’m starting to be able to think about my leg positions at the finish in order to come out of the roll into a run, instead of into a stationary squat. Jumping off the box and rolling, despite my slowness, still takes a lot of guts. But it’s getting better and I’m getting less disoriented from it.

In the skin-the-cat, I’m trying to open my chest, get my feet lower, and be able to pull back through. I’ve improved in four sessions (two with Cody Moss and two on my own) but I still can’t pull all the way back through if I’ve gone over as far as I can. Strength at the end of the range of motion is what I need more of, just as we do in any lift.

Here are some pics of me (plus video) and Tom working/goofing off in the gym. Did I say I love having our gym? George was there today and helped us take pics and put together the new dumbbell rack and arrange all that stuff by the windows.