How to make push-ups MORE FUN!

Surprisingly fun: chain push-ups from Fran Mason on Vimeo.

I tried this out the day after the gym got the chains, with the assistance of trainee Teague (aka “the Bad Influence”) (kidding). Next day I had everyone in my 4 PM CrossFit class, who is able to do any push-ups, try push-ups in chains! They liked it, and some people continued practicing their push-ups after the chains were put back in their storage bucket, just for fun.

Clean Up Your Cleans

I practiced cleans yesterday with no weight, PVC, weighted PVC, and a barbell. I’m trying to find out if I can do barbell cleans at all without aggravating my elbow tendonitis. So I want to obsess on technique with light weight for a while. I took a lot of video so I could analyze what I’m actually doing. Maybe this can help somebody else too; lots of people have the habit of bending the elbows too soon. My specific goal in working on cleans is to eliminate that habit.
After watching this video, I’m not sure I should be practicing highpulls at all: maybe just straight-arm shrugs followed by hang cleans. That’s what I’ll do next time.

Heavy back squats, yay!

Yesterday in the basement was the first time I’d squatted 95 kg for 5 reps — and I did it twice. I am pleased! It would have been easier in my lifting shoes, but at least I was wearing flat sneakers. This video is of the second of the two sets, taped by Scott, a neighbor who trains with me in the “Dungeon of Dread” on Saturday mornings.